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Renewable Fuels Association Challenges Beliefs Behind AMA’s Fuel for Thought Lobbying Day

Renewable Fuels Association held a teleconference to challenge the AMA’s Fuel for Thought lobbying day’s response to E15 fuel. The teleconference’s organizers stressed that E15 is not for motorcycle use and questioned AMA’s motives.


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Renewable Fuels Association’s director of market development
Robert White, joined by engine experts Bobby Likis and Bryan O’Neill, held a
teleconference early Tuesday morning to discuss ethanol fuel and motorcycles.

The teleconference was organized in response to the American
Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Fuel for Thought lobbying day in Washington,
D.C., held on Wednesday, June 19.

At the AMA Food for Thought event, motorcyclists let
lawmakers know that further independent E15 testing is needed to ensure that
motorcycle and ATV engines won’t be harmed.


Currently, E15 is not approved for motorcycle use; however,
E10 has been approved.

“[Motorcyclists] should not use E15 fuel for motorcycles,”
said White. “In fact, it would be illegal for motorcyclists to use it."

White went on to explain that E10 is the approved ethanol
fuel for motorcyclists and that E15’s label clearly states this fact. White
also noted that the misfueling litigation has been changed three times to deal
with AMA concerns about safety and misfueling.

Bobby Likis, a mechanic with 42 years of service experience
and host of the radio show “Bobby Likis Car Clinic,” questioned AMA’s motives.
"It’s hard to believe motorcyclists would participate in uninformed
events," said Likis. "Ethanol burns cleaner, is a high-octane fuel
and is an all-American fuel."


The Renewable Fuels Association claims that AMA’s anti-E15
effort is motivated by “big oil” as an effort to protect market share.
"Look no further than the money trail," said White.

Service director advisor for an award-winning auto shop and
de facto technical for the Iron Order International Motorcycle Club, Bryan
O’Neill, claims that in his 20 years of industry experience, he has seen zero
problems with E10 in motorcycles, "from brand new engines to older,
classic engines."

E15’s adoption has been slow due to concerns from groups and
associations such as AMA. "Concerns from AMA and other groups has delayed
E15 adoption over seven months," said White.


As of today, E15 is available in 30 locations, across six states. "This fall,
there will be a lot more [E15] based on market demands," White added.

White concluded the teleconference reiterating that all
motorcycles can use the approved E10 fuel, but E15 is not intended for use with
motorcycle engines.

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