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Reliving The Dream


You may remember Ted Simon’s first tome, Jupiter’s Travels that hit the streets nearly 30 years ago and has sold an impressive 400,000 copies and counting. In it he regaled riders with tales of his global circumnavigation that inspired the launch of a globe rider club.

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Prepare to get swept up in Ted’s second journey of a lifetime as he shares it in Dreaming of Jupiter. Back in 2001, at age 69, Simon hopped back on his bike and rode 59,000 miles across five continents, proving that you really can go back again.

The world has obviously changed a lot in the last 30 years, and Simon isn’t afraid to talk about culture and politics as he encounters a brave new world on and off the road.

And while Simon makes some sad revelations, he tells a tale of joy sharing encounters we can only dream of. (I’m guessing no one’s ever killed a goat in your honor!) Simon discovers himself along the road for the second time, and you’re sure to find an adventurer buried beneath your own skin as your turn the pages of this epic tale. Stock up and share with your favorite riders at

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