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Red Line Synthetic Oil Products Ensure Safe and Smooth Winter Fun on Snowmobiles

Red Line Synthetic Oil has a variety of high-performance products, designed to help snowmobiles perform optimally all winter long.


While snowmobiles are stored away during the warmer months, it can be easy to forget that they too require maintenance and service, just like an everyday vehicle. Red Line Synthetic Oil, a leading supplier of high-performance synthetic lubricants and additives, has a variety of high-performance products, designed to help snowmobiles perform optimally all winter long. These products include Red Line’s Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil, RL-600 Brake Fluid and the SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

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Red Line’s Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil maintains viscosity for low-temperature injection in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time so sleds won’t leave their owners stranded. Its formula also allows for cleaner spark plugs, pistons and exhaust while providing significantly longer bearing life. Red Line’s Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil offers superior rust protection, helping to reduce repair costs down the line. Created for use in both injection or premix oil applications, Red Line’s Two-Stroke Snowmobile Oil is soluble in gasoline and remains in suspension indefinitely. 

When taking their snowmobile out for a spin in snowy and icy conditions, it’s essential that snowmobile operators can count on their brakes. Red Line’s RL-600 Brake Fluid is engineered to maintain viscosity, lubricity and compressibility at extreme temperatures, both high and low, making it perfect for snowmobile applications. Fresh brake fluid will help ensure that snowmobiles stop properly, even in last-minute emergency stops in icy conditions.


Nothing is more frustrating than a snowmobile that won’t start due to cold temperatures, lack of use and dirty injectors. By using Red Line’s SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner in two-stroke or four-stroke engines, owners can remove harmful deposits while preventing new ones from forming in injectors, carburetors, valves and combustion chambers. This will help to reduce cold-start issues and send riders well on their way to some fun in the snow.

“At Red Line, we are all about creating products that our customers can count on in any conditions, and our offerings for snowmobiles are no exception,” said Kit Szwarcburg, marketing director of Red Line Synthetic Oil. “We are proud to provide high-performance, easy-to-use products that help racers and enthusiasts keep their snowmobiles performing at their best all winter long.”


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