QuietKat’s Apex HD and XD Unveil New E-Bike Features

These cutting-edge e-bikes are pioneers featuring a host of first-to-market capabilities that redefine durability, power and utility in the great outdoors.

QuietKat Electric Bikes announced the launch of its most advanced and versatile e-bikes yet — the Apex HD and XD — with delivery of the bikes to begin in June. These cutting-edge e-bikes are not just new products but pioneers featuring a host of first-to-market capabilities that redefine durability, power and utility in the great outdoors that extend QuietKat’s original industry-creating vision and engineering into the next generation. Leading QuietKat’s ambitious foresight for the next three years, the Apex HD and XD are manufactured to ensure that every journey ventures beyond the known limits.

Innovations Redefining the E-bike Experience

QuietKat’s Apex series sets a new standard with its array of industry-first features, each designed to enhance the rider’s experience, expand capabilities and ensure unparalleled reliability.

  • First-in-class internally geared “automatic transmission”: Revolutionizing gear systems, the Apex series eliminates the common derailleur issues, offering seamless shifting without the risk of jamming or breakage. “Over the past decade, a majority of issues with all off-road e-bikes have centered around two factors: [one], broken or bent derailleurs and [two], snapped chains,” revealed Logan Holtz, director of community at QuietKat. “The vulnerable position of derailleurs just isn’t conducive to off-road or backcountry use. Those who push their gear to the limit will have encountered challenges with these components. Until recently, this fragile system was considered necessary for utilizing multiple gears. However, our new automatic transmission removes both of those failure points. By shifting internally, we no longer need a derailleur. This also allowed us to utilize a moto-style chain which is virtually impossible to break. This groundbreaking drivetrain marks a significant advancement, but it’s just the beginning of the innovations you’ll experience on the new Apex HD and Apex XD. The Apex truly is a whole new animal!”
  • Utilization of motorcycle chain: This innovation means no more broken chains, with reinforced strength that channels more power directly to the rear wheel, ensuring smooth and reliable propulsion.
  • 30-amp-hour battery: QuietKat shatters expectations with a battery that offers up to 90 miles of range on a single charge, securely enclosed within the down tube and boasting the highest level of UL certification.
  • Patent-pending, ground-up frame design: The Apex series features both Kick Through and Step Over options, integrating QuietKat’s patented modular rear rack with industry-leading load capacity, a new front rack option and 118 additional mounting points for unmatched versatility.
  • Newly developed VPO 2.0 with new modes: Introducing Climb and Stealth modes alongside the existing Eco, Trail and Boost, this enhanced VPO compliance technology ensures legality on any trail while catering to a variety of riding preferences.
  • Integrated dropper post with built-in suspension: Elevating comfort on rough terrains, this feature ensures a smoother ride, allowing adventurers to focus on the journey ahead.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities: The inclusion of an IOT module facilitates remote tracking, locking and alarm settings, offering peace of mind and enhanced security for the rider and their eBike.
  • Twist throttle: This addition offers riders more control and a superior riding experience, enabling precision and ease in navigating diverse landscapes.
  • New modular frame design: The Apex series for 2024 debuts with a groundbreaking modular frame design, completely overhauled for enhanced accessibility and adaptability. This innovative approach allows riders to customize their bikes with a growing selection of accessories tailored to any adventure, including MOLLE panels, cargo racks, baskets, weapon mounts, trailers and more.

Smart Features for the Trail

At the heart of the Apex HD and XD models is the integration of smart technology. Equipped with cellular and GPS capabilities, these e-bikes offer real-time battery statistics, ride tracking, remote locking, anti-theft alarms and scheduled maintenance reminders, all accessible through a redesigned color LED display. The introduction of new firmware brings Stealth and Climb modes to the table, enhancing versatility for silent stalking, heavy towing or tackling steep ascents without sacrificing the ability to switch between Class 1, 2, 3, and unlimited modes using the new VPO 2.0 firmware.

Durability and Power

The Apex series stands out with its rugged construction, featuring the most robust frame to date paired with a durable moto-style chain. Powered by a 1,0000-watt VPO 2.0 Automatic Shifting hub-drive and mid-drive motor options, these bikes deliver up to 200 newton-meters of torque. An industry-leading automatic shifting motor ensures a powerful yet intuitive riding experience by eliminating common failure points found in most electric bikes.

Extended Adventures

A groundbreaking 30-amp-hour internal battery option extends the adventure with up to 90 miles of range, setting a new standard for electric bike exploration. The addition of Kenda Juggernaut 26-by-4.8 inch fat tires enhances all-terrain capability, offering superior traction across diverse landscapes.

Trail-Smoothing Suspension

Moto-inspired inverted KKE Air-Suspension Fork with 120 millimeters of travel ensures a smooth ride on the toughest trails, further establishing the Apex HD and XD as the go-to bikes for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of off-road performance.

Embark on Uncharted Adventures

With the launch of the Apex HD and XD, QuietKat invites riders to experience the future of off-road biking today. As these models hit the trails in Spring 2024, adventurers are poised to discover new horizons with e-bikes that offer unmatched innovation and performance. Take your adventure further with the Apex series and redefine what’s possible in the great outdoors.


The QuietKat Apex HD and XD redefine capability and can be ordered beginning May 15 with an estimated shipping date in early June.

Apex HD: Hub Drive 

  • Two internal gears on automatic transmission
  • Colors: Veil Relic Camo, Moss, Gull Grey
  • MSRP: $3,299

Apex XD: Mid Drive 

  • Five internal gears on automatic transmission 
  • MSRP: $4,999

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