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QuadBoss: Products That Keep You Riding

Tucker Powersports reached out to Product Development Manager Justin Lasater to learn more about the history of QuadBoss and what to expect from the brand in the future.


When QuadBoss was created back in 2001, it was with the idea of selling plows and tire sealant to powersports dealers across the United States. ATV and UTV riders always need tire sealant, and because snow is an issue in the north, selling tire sealant and plows was a good way for QuadBoss to enter the market and help enthusiasts turn their machine into something that’s fun and functions year around. As the demand for quality, affordable ATV and UTV parts increased through the years, QuadBoss branched out to meet the needs of its rider customers. Today, QuadBoss has a complete range of ATV and UTV products, from luggage to tires to winches (and everything in between). The QuadBoss brand is a recognized, leading source of high-quality, innovative replacement ATV and UTV parts and accessories.

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Tucker Powersports reached out to Product Development Manager Justin Lasater to learn more about the history of QuadBoss and what to expect from the brand in the future.

Tucker Powersports: Tell us a little more about how the QuadBoss brand came about and how the brand has evolved since then.


Justin Lasater: Well, just like the bio says, we started 18 years ago with our sealant and plows, and we’ve grown into a what we are today—over 4,000 parts for all makes and models of ATVs and UTVs. From wheel bearings to windshields, we try to keep you covered and on the trail.

TP: Is there a primary target audience for QuadBoss products? Or does the brand strive to make products for the full spectrum of the ATV and UTV markets?

JL: Originally, we started out focusing on the ATV market as UTVs weren’t really around. As the market progressed, we began to develop products that customers needed. When developing parts and products, we try to think about every customer and how they use their vehicles. We’ve found that our root business is with utilitarian and trail riders, but we try to offer products for all the various uses.


TP: With the growth on the UTV side of the sport, we imagine QuadBoss has shifted some of its focus to that portion of the market with more UTV-specific products?

JL: Absolutely! We had to. UTVs have outsold ATVs for a while now, so shifting our focus was a must. However, we keep the ATV lovers in mind when we are introducing new products.

TP: In addition to recreational riders, QuadBoss also makes products for farmers, tradesmen and hunters. Does QuadBoss approach the development of products for the utility ATV and UTV markets differently than for the recreational market?


JL: Well, there are three major types of consumers in the industry right now, and we have to cater to all of them. We do a lot of field study by attending events, talking to the customers, and visiting farms and construction sites.

TP: What’s a QuadBoss product that really surprised you with its success in the marketplace? Why do you think it was such a hit?


JL: That’s hard to say, we’ve had many success stories. Our sealant, the original QuadBoss part, has been extremely good for us. It truly is the best in the industry. We’ve also done really well with our tire and wheel line-up and our utility boxes.

TP: QuadBoss strives to keep the ATV and UTV community running by making the repair and replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM quality. Even going so as far as to state, “If you can break it, we can fix it.” Tell us more about this initiative to “help keep the community running.”


JL: Well, I wouldn’t say we can fix “everything” but pretty close. We know for the weekend enthusiast, being down is frustrating and could ruin their weekend. For the ranch and construction worker, a broken vehicle can mean no work happens that day. So, having parts readily available and affordable, we can ensure those machines are up and running quickly.

TP: Where do you see the QuadBoss brand headed in the next few years? Do you anticipate growth in any one segment over the others?

JL: We plan to grow QuadBoss for sure! We see a huge opportunity in the agriculture and construction industries and a need for quality products that are affordable that keep the company’s machines operable, so there is little to no downtime.

TP: Your team is on the road at various events across the United States throughout the year such as the High Lifter Mud Nationals. Is grassroots participation a big part of how QuadBoss stays in touch with the market and chooses products to produce?


JL: Most definitely! We try to get to several events throughout the year to see what consumers are needing, and we try to have some fun while we’re there. After all, we’re enthusiasts and love riding, so getting out and hanging out with our consumers is how we’ve managed to keep growing after all these years.

TP: What other events can a fan of the brand expect to see the QuadBoss rig at this year?

JL: We plan on attending Rally on the Rocks in Moab, UT and the Hatfield McCoy Trail Fest in West Virginia. In between those trips, we will be getting out to some of our dealers’ open house events and getting in touch with their customers.


TP: We bet your team has had some interesting stories from field events and photo shoots throughout the years. Any you’d like to share?

JL: There are too many to tell, for sure, but the picture above tells a pretty funny story. We were doing a photo shoot shortly after we got that Ranger. The photographer kept telling Daniel to go back just a little further, so he inched back until he hit the drop off in that lake! Of course, he was sitting on the frame at that point and just splashing water with the lugs of the tires.


TP: Thanks for telling us a little about QuadBoss, Justin! If there’s anything more you’d like readers to know about QuadBoss, share away.

JL: We really appreciate all our customers and the ability to serve them. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, because we give out some free stuff occasionally.

QuadBoss products are distributed exclusively in the United States by Tucker.

Link: QuadBoss

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