QuadBoss Introduces New AGM Battery and ATV Plow System 

Absorbent glass mat batteries are extremely resistant to vibration and are totally sealed.

Tucker Powersports’ QuadBoss brand announced a new absorbent glass mat battery (AGM) and returned to its roots with the offering of a newly designed plow for ATVs. QuadBoss’ first products were snowplows and tire sealant, and after 21 years of growth, the brand has become the go-to brand for dedicated UTV and ATV users, whether it’s for work or play. 

Quadboss AGM batteries are the perfect choice for ATV and UTV owners. Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are extremely resistant to vibration and are totally sealed. The battery carries its charge in soaked sponges coating the lead plates, which eliminates free-flowing liquid in the battery and the need to add fluid, making them maintenance free. The QuadBoss AGM Battery delivers improved performance and greater storage life than a standard battery. It’s offered in sizes to fit most UTVs and ATVs, and prices range from $39.95 to $135.95. 

AGM Battery
QuadBoss AGM Battery

The QuadBoss Uni-Flex ATV Plow System is an all-inclusive kit that includes a 50-inch flex blade, pushtube and mount. The blade is made of super-strong poly with a steel scraper edge to clear every bit of snow. The mounting system is designed to fit most ATVs, and the unit is made in U.S. The retail price is $499.95. 

“Quadboss continues to add products to that support UTV and ATV owners,” said Kyle Frederick, brand manager for QuadBoss. “Having a great battery makes owning and using a four-wheeler so much better, and for those in the snowy climates, using your ATV to clear the way makes the job, well, kind of fun.”  

QuadBoss AGM Batteries and the QuadBoss Uni-Flex ATV Plow System are available through Tucker dealers nationwide. 

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