PWC Update: Batteries

Any batteries that see infrequent use due to off-season storage tend to have a shorter life span, especially if they are not maintained with a trickle charger.

The summer season has arrived and our personal watercraft riders are hitting the waves. A battery and charging system check as part of a post-hibernation service is an easy sell; being stranded with a dead or bad battery on the first day out is not what anyone considers fun.

Any batteries that see infrequent use due to off-season storage tend to have a shorter life span, especially if they are not maintained with a trickle charger.

The best type of batteries for PWCs are AGM batteries, or absorbed glass mat, which are better suited for the rigors of PWC riding. They are constructed of glass mats that wick the electrolyte between the plates and only contain enough liquid to keep the mat wet. The other benefit to AGM batteries is that if the case is cracked or broken, there isn’t any free liquid that will leak out. 

Keeping fresh battery inventory and and the most popular sizes in stock is the name of the game — and one you’re most likely already familiar with.

Your customers may think any battery will do, but remind them that’s not the case. Newer PWCs, more electronics and bigger engines require a greater battery capacity, so be sure they are always getting the correct OEM specified size, and always double-check those carry-out purchases; the wrong size battery can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical systems.

Also remind your customers that PWC charging systems do not have the output to fully charge a low battery, they are only designed to replenish the normal loss during operation and maintain the state of charge.

For this reason, their batteries should be fully charged before a day on the water, giving you a perfect opportunity to sell them a trickle charger along with their pre-season check.

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