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PSXDigital Adds ReplicatorX Image Duplication to Ai-Based Customer Experience Management Platform

ReplicatorX is an enhanced feature of the Mobile Photo Capture Tool within the CXMAi +Inventory Management suite. It allows dealerships to stock vehicle easily and efficiently.


PowerSports Extreme Digital Marketing, Inc. announced the release of its inventory image duplication tool coined ReplicatorX, advancing the capabilities of the company’s fully-integrated and artificial intelligence-driven Customer Experience Management (CXMAi) platform available on desktop and mobile.

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ReplicatorX is an enhanced feature of the Mobile Photo Capture Tool within the CXMAi +Inventory Management suite. It allows dealerships to stock vehicle easily and efficiently with:

  • App-guided vehicle walkarounds and description prompts
  • Automatic and real-time post to the website
  • Ability to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Syndication directly to CycleTrader, eBay Motors and Craigslist
  • Full management of inventory photos, descriptions and pricing Vehicle photos are critical to the consumer’s online retail experience. Studies show that 90% of shoppers on a dealership website prefer real photos of vehicles at the store versus stock photography of the same machine. Actual photos convert three times higher on websites with no photos or even with stock photos.

Studies show that powersports dealers have options when choosing how to present their dealership to the modern digital consumer:

  • Poor Consumer Value – No vehicle photo
  • Good Consumer Experience – Stock photo provided by OEM
  • Better Consumer Engagement – Actual vehicle photo taken at the dealership
  • Best Dealership Option for Shopper Clickthrough Conversions – ReplicatorX fills in the gaps when actual vehicle photos are not possible One challenge dealerships in the powersports industry face is that not every machine they carry in stock is fully assembled. ReplicatorX ensures that every vehicle alternative is matched by vehicle specifications with an actual master photo and pushed to the website Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs).

ReplicatorX includes features that:

  • Match to vehicle year, model and trim details
  • Includes trailers, older units beyond the model database and more
  • Select a Master Photo that will match and duplicate across alternative vehicles to machine specifications
  • Allows user to Change Master Photo easily within the same inventory list view in order to
  • update units sold and specifications no longer applicable

“We’ve seen a 63% increase in VDP views that translates to a substantial increase in units sold month-over-month simply by adding actual photos to our inventory. ReplicatorX maximizes our opportunity to increase those numbers even more by eliminating all empty or stock photos on units we are unable to physically get to,” said Chuck Scott, general manager at Edge Performance Sports. “We are extremely happy with the product feature and with the PSXDigital platform overall.”

Link: PSXDigital

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