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Powersports Sales Certification

Selling skills are not just applicable on the showroom floor, they’re also beneficial in every department in the dealership.


It takes a full complement of skills to succeed these days. Have you passed the Powersports Sales Certification test? It can help in every single department in your store.

Matt Hall
Ron Ayers Motorsports
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Matt, congratulations on completing your P.S.C. (Powersports Sales Certification). You’ve completed the Code of Ethics, Performance Selling, Phone Skills, S.W.A.P.P. Selling Pre-Recorded LIVE Classes and plenty of product knowledge features and benefits courses. What stands out?

I work in our mail-order division and found the selling skills content to be very useful in phone sales. Building rapport, interviewing customers with open-ended questions and performing presentations with features and benefits are all applicable on phone sales as well.

That’s very interesting that you work mostly on the phone, but you took the time to complete the entire Powersports Sales Certification. Was this a dealership requirement?


No, I just enjoy learning as much as possible about sales and product knowledge. I figure that if I’m fortunate enough to have all of this information available to me, I should take full advantage of it.

You have completed product knowledge features and benefits courses for Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. How have you found this to help out in phone sales?

Chalk Talk With Dr. Nikki

Selling Skills

Selling skills are not just applicable on the showroom floor, they’re also beneficial in every department in the dealership.

Customers are more educated than ever and expect dealership personnel to be experts. Having product knowledge and understanding key features and benefits is crucial for increased CSI scores, dealership credibility and overall sales.

"No thanks, just looking," is a reflex response. Never say "Can I help you," instead, greet customers with multiple choice questions!

By asking the right questions, the customer’s wants and needs can be determined. This will assist in making the right buying decision.


Customers really want someone to influence them to do what they really want to do in the first place.



I really like the product knowledge courses because they keep me sharp. Every customer expects us to be specialists on their specific unit, and there are so many different makes and models these days. Becoming familiar with key features and staying on top of new model releases really helps on the parts side, too.

You just completed the LIVE Class called Selling Skills talking about how common it is for a customer to say, "No thanks, just looking." Did you find this beneficial?


I’ve heard a lot of customers say, "No thanks, just looking." That is why learning to properly greet the customer with multiple choice questions makes perfect sense. Also, by being aware that this is a common reflex response, we can be more prepared to handle it.

Do you have to actually ask for the sale over the phone?

Well, I don’t exactly ask for the sale, but I do ask for the order. By asking the customer key questions, I begin to find out what the customer really wants and needs. Once I’ve asked the right questions, I then have the opportunity to determine which products are best suited for them. At that point I will ask for the order.


Thanks for your time Matt, now get back to those phones!

You’re welcome, Dr. Nikki!

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