Powersports Data Solutions Introduces RideTrekker App

Powersports Data Solutions, providers of Service Manager Pro (SMP), has launched RideTrekker.com, a seamless way for dealers to receive detailed online service requests from consumers into their dealer management system.

RideTrekker is a new mobile-friendly online application that allows consumers to schedule service, request parts, and OEM accessories with any of our SMP dealerships. 

“We realize dealerships that use SMP are the best service operators in the country” comments C.R. Gittere, president of Powersports Data Solutions. “We have thousands of locations across North America that focus on service and want to provide the best experience for consumers.”

RideTrekker is free for consumers. App users can create an account and choose their vehicle from a selection of over 45,000 models. Once they choose their vehicle, they can submit a service, parts or OEM accessory request to any SMP dealership location.

The consumer will also be able to store their vehicle under their profile and view certain pieces of technical data such as factory recommended service intervals, common service parts, OEM accessories, and technical specifications.

“We recognize the struggle brick and mortar stores go through every day in just answering the phone,” says Gittere. “We felt like we needed to do something to make the communication between the consumer and the dealership easier. RideTrekker will help streamline this process.”

All service, parts, and accessory requests from RideTrekker come into SMP, so your dealership can quickly review, accept the request and respond to the consumer without leaving the application. Since SMP has full integration with popular DMS systems such as EVO, NXT, Commander, and DX-1, the requests can be imported directly into the DMS.

“Dealerships have been asking SMP to provide seamless online service requests for quite some time. The combination of SMP and RideTrekker does just that,” notes Gittere. “When a consumer requests a service through RideTrekker and imports it into the DMS from SMP, the labor times for that service and all the required parts for that service automatically populate the repair order. Parts requests and OEM accessory requests from RideTrekker can be directly imported into certain DMS parts tickets as well.”

For more about Powersports Data Solutions’ brands, contact [email protected].

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