Polaris XPEDITION: 1st-of-Its-Kind Adventure Side-by-Side

Polaris XPEDITION is designed to go deeper into the backcountry and carry the gear, whatever the adventure may be.

Polaris Off Road is once again driving the industry forward with a first-of-its-kind side-by-side platform: the all-new Polaris XPEDITION. The 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP and adventure vehicle (ADV) create an entirely new category of “adventure side-by-sides,” combining the all-terrain capabilities of traditional side-by-sides with comfort and cargo capabilities typically associated with overlanding at the highest level.

Designed with a host of standard features and optional configurations to accommodate the greatest range of outdoor pursuits and enable consumers to keep chasing the wild, the Polaris XPEDITION is the most adaptable, comfortable and capable adventure machine on the market.

“In light of the incredible growth of the adventure segment, we decided to dramatically change the game with a vehicle that takes no cues from predecessors and leads the way for an entirely new side-by-side experience,” said Reid Wilson, vice president, Polaris Off Road Recreation. “Our goal was to bridge the worlds of traditional side-by-sides and overlanding with a vehicle that allows the most passionate adventurers to go farther and deeper than ever and discover totally new destinations and experiences.”

With the Polaris XPEDITION lineup, Polaris has created a new category of “adventure side-by-sides” — vehicles designed to enable and elevate the broadest range of specific outdoor pastimes and pursuits. To date with recreational side-by-sides, the driving experience itself has been the predominant focus of design and development. Conversely, with utility side-by-sides, the emphasis has been on labor- and job-oriented benefits. With Polaris XPEDITION, Polaris’ design and development efforts were focused on elevating outdoor adventure, delivering a level of adaptability, comfort and capability to go farther into the wild, allowing new customers to explore the outdoors unlike ever before.

“We identified a definitive opportunity in the market around outdoor adventure and an increasing amount of consumers pursuing outdoor experiences, from the more traditional things like camping, hiking, hunting and fishing, to more sport-oriented, athletic pursuits like mountain biking or kayaking,” said Steve Menneto, president, Polaris Off Road. “We are driving our industry forward, once again, with innovation in the adventure side-by-side market to meet the needs of passionate adventurers.”

The Polaris XPEDITION performs without missing a step, allowing riders to conquer rugged terrain with thoughtfully designed standard features, combined with Polaris’ widest range of accessories and customization options to date. With adaptability at the forefront, the 2024 Polaris XPEDITION features integrated fold-flat rear seats, a pass-through cab and easy roof rack solutions to accommodate virtually any loadout. Delivering all-day comfort for any adventure, the Polaris XPEDITION is the first-ever sport side-by-side to offer a fully enclosed cab with full roof coverage, windows and optional heating and air conditioning providing riders protection from the elements.

The Polaris XPEDITION ADV model features a fully covered pass-through rear cargo box providing 36 inches and 63 inches on the two-seat and five-seat models, respectively, of flat storage length. The Polaris XPEDITION XP features a dumping cargo box that measures 30″ long to provide ample space for your spare tire and additional gear or accessories. The XP five-seat model features a 60/40 split flip-up rear seats, which allows seating to convert to storage space in seconds, while the ADV five-seat model also has fold flat functionality for even more configuration and storage. Both models feature a segment-leading 48-inch-width box with 16-inch-high side walls so riders can carry equipment with ease.

Adaptable for Any Adventure

The 2024 Polaris XPEDITION features a flat roof that enables over 100 all-new adventure focused accessories including, Rhino-Rack roof rack and accessories, such as the Polaris rooftop tent, kayak holder, fishing rod holder, MAXTRAX traction boards and more. Additionally, flat floors and a large rear storage box allow for ample space to carry gear and keep it protected from the elements. Whether hauling people or supplies, the five-seat configuration offers modular rear seats, providing even more storage space. In addition, a 2,000-pound towing capacity allows riders to hitch and pull additional gear. Plus, the all-new Lock & Ride MAX cargo system adds an unmatched level of adaptability, with accessories that allow for virtually limitless configurations to best match the needs of the next adventure.

Curated specifically for the Polaris XPEDITION are five rider-inspired accessory collections, built for a variety of activities including Overland, Kayak, Trail, Hunt and Utility.

Comfortable All Day and in Any Season

The Polaris XPEDITION is equipped with plush and sophisticated FOX Podium QS3 Shocks with Position Sensitive Spiral technology, keeping the ride smooth and enjoyable all day, even against rough terrain. An optional enclosed Pro ShieldCab System offers the most integrated, tight seal year-round to provide a superior experience every day, in every season. Additionally, the NorthStar trim features an exclusive HVAC system with adjustable control modes, allowing riders to set and direct the airflow to ensure the cab stays comfortable in hot or cold conditions. The NorthStar temperature-controlled vehicle is the industry’s only sport side-by-side to offer HVAC standard. Coupled with power windows and a tip-out front windshield, riders can still enjoy the great outdoors within the comfort and protection of the cab.

Focusing on rider comfort, the Polaris XPEDITION cab features a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, 6 inches of seat adjustability and front bucket seats for a tailored fit. To keep riders’ gear protected, the vehicle also has available locking doors, center console and a rear cargo box. Exploring the unknown confidently has never been easier with Polaris’ industry-leading seven-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND, giving riders access to the most sophisticated GPS and trail network available. The Group Ride feature allows riders to communicate, navigate and stay connected as a group while out on the trail. Even while appreciating nature, riders can enjoy the soundtrack to their outdoor adventure with a JBL Trail Pro audio system.

Capable Beyond the Trailhead

For the ultimate adventurer looking to stay out longer and go deeper into the backcountry, the 2024 Polaris XPEDITION touts the industry’s largest fuel capacity of any factory side-by-side on the market with a 200-plus miles of range.* The 114-horspower, ProStar 1000 Gen 2 engine provides quick responsiveness and acceleration, while the on-demand all-wheel drive, Pro Armor 30-inch Crawler XP tires and a segment-leading 14 inches of ground clearance make easy work of even the most technical terrain. High-mounted air intakes, sealed electrical components, and extreme approach and departure angles allow riders to tackle trail conditions with confidence, knowing the electrical system will stay dry and the engine, clutches and belt will still receive air flow for peak performance.

Built with a purposeful design, the Polaris XPEDITION comes with a Polaris HD 4,500-pound winch to help navigate the unknown and makes it easier than ever to add a Glacier Pro HD plow system. Plus, the Polaris PULSE electrical system allows you to easily install electrical accessories such as light bars, a heater kit and more so you can go the distance year-round, day or night.

The 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP and ADV are both available in two and five-seat configurations in three trims: Premium, Ultimate and NorthStar. The Ultimate and NorthStar trims will begin shipping to dealers in the summer of 2023, while the Premium trim will be made available in 2024.

  • 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP Premium: Starting at $28,999 USD
  • 2024 Polaris XPEDITION ADV Premium: Starting at $29,999 USD

The Polaris XPEDITION Premium features a 4.3-inch JBL Color Display and Trail Pro 2000 Audio, 660-watt stator charging system, FOX Shocks, Pro Armor 30-inch Crawler XP tires with 15-inch wheels, standard bumper, winch and roof. The ADV five-seat model includes covered cargo area with flat fold and 60/40 split flip-up rear seats, while the XP 5-seat model includes a dumping cargo box and 60/40 split flip-up rear seats.

  • 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP Ultimate: Starting at $31,999 USD
  • 2024 Polaris XPEDITION ADV Ultimate: Starting at $32,999 USD

In addition to the premium offering, the Polaris XPEDITION Ultimate also includes Polaris’ industry-leading 7-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND, 900-watt stator charging system, JBL Trail Pro 4100 surround sound audio system with 400-watt amp and 10-inch subwoofer, front and rear cameras, tilt and telescopic steering, plus padded console and auto stop winch.

  • 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP NorthStar: Starting at $38,999 USD
  • 2024 Polaris XPEDITION ADV NorthStar: Starting at $39,999 USD

Rounding out the lineup is the top-tier Polaris XPEDITION NorthStar. Including everything from the Ultimate trim, the NorthStar trim features a fully enclosed cab with HVAC temperature and zone controls, lockable full doors with power windows and a tip-out front glass windshield. The NorthStar trim also comes standard with RIDE COMMAND+, allowing for vehicle health monitoring and more.

To learn more, visit polaris.com/PolarisXPEDITION.

*Range estimates based on manufacturer data on typical customer driving usage and conditions. Actual range varies based on conditions such as external environment, weather, speed, cargo loads, rates of acceleration, vehicle maintenance and vehicle usage.

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