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PODCAST: Fay Myers Motorcycle World

From a devastating fire to a tragic snow storm, Fay Myers Motorcycle World survived its share of challenges by adapting to change and embracing new technology with PSXDigital’s A.I.-powered customer experience management platform.


Fay Myers began his powersports dealership legacy in 1948, turning his enthusiasm from a hobby into a thriving business. Laying the foundation for Fay Myers Motorcycle World in Denver, CO, Myers traded in his own 1912 Harley-Davidson to purchase the sign for the shop and became one of Colorado’s first motorcycle dealerships. They would eventually be named the 99th Honda dealership in 1960 and finally the No. 1 Honda dealership in North America for motorcycle sales in 2000.

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“We bought that 1912 motorcycle back years ago,” said General Manager Jason White. “But in January 2002, we lost everything in a catastrophic fire. The 1912 Harley-Davidson sat in the corner window and was fried. We spent about seven years restoring that bike. It’s on display in our showroom now.” 

PSXDigital bridged the gap for Fay Myers Motorcycle World and has allowed them to make moves in order to stand out from the competition. Some of the features that PSXDigital offers within their integrated platform include inventory management, digital marketing, marketing automation, lead management, training, vehicle acquisition, sales process, website and CRM management. 

PSX can track appointment-to-call ratios, inbound phone leads, show ratio, if you have a good process to get those people into the store, what follow-up calls look like, how many inbound inquiries do we have on our website and then how many of those closed and what that experience was like,” White said. “At the click of a button, I can look at a lot of different data that is very helpful.”


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