PODCAST: 2019 Summer Market Report

This summer, market predictions for the season were accurate, identifying that off-road vehicle sales and demand would continue to increase.

This summer, market predictions for the season were accurate, identifying that off-road vehicle sales and demand would continue to increase. Holding a little over 20% of the market, off-road vehicle sales for ATVs, side-by-sides, off-road motorcycles and snowmobiles are expected to continue to grow throughout the next few years. 

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, sales from January to June increased 0.5% for motorcycles in 2019 and increased 2.3% during that same period for ATVs. In comparison to 2018, scooter sales in 2019 were down nearly 10%, on-highway vehicles down 3.3% and dual-sport and off-highway vehicles increased 5.3% and 15%, respectively. While many dealers and OEMs may be disappointed by these numbers year-after-year, it seems the market has reached a new normal range.

Insights from an independent market intelligence firm, Fact.MR, show that fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, electric powered alternatives and subordinate maintenance costs of off-road vehicles and more access to recreational lands will strengthen the off-road product demand over the next few years. 

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