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Performance MachineM Radial Mount Brake Caliper/’Busa Bars/Contour Hand Controls


When it comes to high-performance braking, racers are always at the cutting edge, and the technology tends to trickle down to us street guys. PM Radial Mount Calipers are favored by the go-fast guys for their resistance to twisting and flex. This keeps the caliper perfectly in line with the disc, thus reducing heat buildup. PM has taken this technology one step further with a machined aluminum body and lightweight pistons combined with four sintered metal pads for high-performance braking. The caliper works with stock master cylinder on most late model sportbikes.

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Performance Machine also offers 1-inch bars for the 1993 to 2008 Hayabusa. PM ‘Busa Handlebars convert the handlebar diameter from 7/8 to 1 inch allowing the use of PM Contour Hand Controls, including hydraulic clutch and brake master cylinders, throttle housing, single-button switches, and PM’s Renthal wrapped rubber grips.

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