Paris Moves to Ban ICE Motorcycles, Scooters

And it’s not due to fighting climate change.

According to www.msn.com, Paris has moved to ban internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles and scooters from its streets.

However, the initiative does not stem out of a green movement, as might be expected; rather, it’s a rally against noise pollution. In October 2021, the city administration presented a noise plan with 30 proposed actions. However, a separate initiative sought to collect ideas from the citizens themselves. One proposal that gained a lot of traction was the banning of ICE motorcycles, since all-electric models produce little to no noise.

The author of this proposal was quoted by the local news, saying, “Outright banning thermal PTWs is therefore a commonsense solution to solve the number one source (by far!) of noise pollution in Paris.”

A total of 944 voted for this proposal while 307 voted against it.

Paris authorities have actually already been experimenting with sound radar to fight excessive noise pollution. Sound radar allows the police to pinpoint motorcycles that emit more decibels than are allowed and then fine the riders.

Authorities claim that noise pollution is contributing to serious health and economic consequences. The European Environment Agency says that 16,600 “premature deaths” and 72,000 hospitalizations in Europe are caused by noise pollution.

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