Pandemic Propels OEM Growth

HISUN had its foot on the gas, prepared to take on the challenges that this year created, ultimately moving the company further into their growth strategy at an accelerated rate.

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When it comes to running a successful business, planning for the future is a necessity. This plan often includes a pathway to profitability, noting both short- and long-term goals and setting a timeline to accomplish them. At HISUN Motors, a strategic plan was put into place to help move the company forward; adding new personnel, improving marketing strategies and creating new products.

Marked by increasing interest in the off-road segment, the company was on target heading into 2020. With the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic hitting in the first quarter of 2020, HISUN had its foot on the gas, prepared to take on the challenges that this year created, ultimately moving the company further into their growth strategy at an accelerated rate.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that COVID-19 has been the catalyst behind the much-needed growth we’re all experiencing this year,” HISUN’s National Sales Manager, Jason Walling said. “However, for HISUN in particular, I believe our path to success has been largely attributed to our leader, Jason Sun, for his intuition and commitment to growing the brand. His vision stretches back to our inception, with plans to develop a sustainable dealer network, while maintaining a healthy pipeline of private-label business.

“These past nine months have been a huge testament to that commitment. While other organizations down-sized and furloughed employees, Jason doubled-down, acquiring several new team members.”

When it comes to building their team, HISUN employees are puzzle pieces; each one individually important, but together, they make connections to the bigger picture.

“We’ll always entertain adding someone new to the team, as long as their aptitude brings value to our organization,” Walling said. “Drive, inspiration, creativity, intuition, relative knowledge, assertiveness, character…these are just some of the key things that we look for in candidates.

“Every employee in this building is vital to our success, so it’s imperative for us, as a company, to inspire each and every one of them to feel important, valued and rewarded. If we can meet that obligation to our staff, our path to success is eminent. We want them to perform at their very best because they want to, not because they’re forced to.” 

The biggest addition to the HISUN team was in operations, which added dozens of new employees to assist in the production of new vehicles. But to handle the influx of new vehicle purchases, new hires have been brought on in every department.

“We’re investing heavily in our production team, since we ship our units fully assembled and inspected,” Walling explained. “Beyond that, we’ve ramped up our customer service and tech support teams to keep up with the increased call volume. Plus, we’re continuing to add business development reps, who manage the rapidly growing dealer network. Aside from staff, our 7.1 million square foot manufacturing plant has been working around the clock to catch up with the demand for more product.”

With a diverse team in place, HISUN was able to meet 2020 consumer demand in the off-road market, which rose over 50% from 2019.

“The pandemic has definitely propelled our growth plans. However, some ancillary factors like the supply chain and logistical issues have become a bit of a hindrance from reaching our full potential. Regardless, we’re grateful to be headed in the right direction,” Walling said.

Heading into 2021, HISUN is prepared to take on the new year.

“There’s only one way to go, and that’s up,” Walling said. “This year, we’ve gained more talent, culture, cross-department collaboration, creativity and collective experience under one roof than this company has ever seen. From a facelift to our brand image, to revitalized product offerings and reliability, HISUN will continue to attract new business partners all across North America. In 2021, we will also be announcing some new models, which have been long overdue, and introducing an entire lineup of accessories.

“Together, our mission is to earn customers, not just sales,” Walling continued. “By striving to deliver a better experience to our business partners, the sales will happen organically.” 

This article was sponsored by HISUN. For more information about HISUN Motors, visit hisunmotors.com.

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