Outdoor Fun Means Growth for HISUN

The company’s sights are set on expanding domestic operations and manufacturing.

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If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from our shared experience in this pandemic, it’s that people cherish time outdoors with family and friends. There are numerous ways to get outdoors, but what better way to enjoy nature than with the excitement of a powersports vehicle under your butt?

If you’ve had the urge to try a powersports vehicle recently, you’re not alone. In fact, since late 2020, analysts have seen a 5% to 6% average growth rate for the powersports industry, and they don’t expect it to slow down any time soon. One company taking full advantage of that growth and people’s excitement for the industry is HISUN, a manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles. HISUN is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, where it manages all production of its ATVs and UTVs across various facilities, and the company has seen its growth triple since 2020.

According to HISUN National Sales Manager Jason Walling, year-over-year earnings topped 315% in 2021 and continue to hold strong into 2022. This growth has allowed HISUN to expand its teams with industry professionals and invest in various parts of the business.

“Our sights are set on investing heavily into the expansion of our domestic operations and North American manufacturing capabilities,” Walling says. “This will ensure long-term, sustainable growth for our organization and help to improve customer satisfaction. The goal is to maximize efficiency, particularly on things like logistics, quality control and product development. HISUN is fully committed to investing in the right personnel and necessary resources to make that happen. All of which will help elevate the service we provide our dealer partners.”

Of course, with growth comes some growing pains, and HISUN hasn’t been impervious to it either. The powersports industry in general has been dealing with a lot due to supply and demand issues.

“The biggest hurdle for us is time, or the lack thereof,” Walling admits. “We are on the gas and have extremely high expectations for ourselves and for this organization. There are so many grand projects in place here, but executing them takes an abundance of resources and personnel — both of which take time. That being said, we have managed to secure some really incredible team members over the past two years, and they’re making a remarkable difference.”

That difference can be seen in HISUN’s latest vehicles. One in particularly high demand is HISUN’s Strike 250 — a sport side-by-side aimed at youth riders.


“Hands down, the Strike 250 was our best seller in 2021,” says Taz Sobotka, regional sales manager. “This has been a standout unit for us that offers a high level of quality and performance to youth riders. Its spike in sales is largely attributed to supply shortages from other manufacturers but also due to families getting out and engaging in more outdoor activities with their kids during the pandemic. Plus, it’s just a kick-ass machine. I mean, what 12-year-old wouldn’t want one?”

Beyond the success of the Strike 250, HISUN has also seen an increased interest in its Sector E1, an all-electric model, showcasing a 48-volt, 27-horsepower drivetrain. Both vehicles have benefited from HISUN’s ability to keep up with demand in an environment where the supply chain is causing long delays across the industry.

“With a 30-year manufacturing tenure on powersports vehicles, parts and accessories, we are fortunate to produce the majority of our finished goods, therefore, limiting our susceptibility to supply shortages,” Walling points out. “We house over 8 million square feet of manufacturing facilities. These factories work closely with our North American headquarters to ensure that our aggressive forecasting needs are met. Surprisingly, the supply chain issues that many are facing have presented a tremendous opportunity for HISUN to gain market share and better support new and existing business partners.”

Not having to spend its entire focus on supply chain issues has meant HISUN can focus on the business, its vehicles and the future growth of the company instead. In fact, company representatives have suggested that HISUN is taking cues from the automotive industry for future projects, and new innovation is always being pushed to the limit.

“We’ve been in pursuit of building value through reliability, durability and functionality,” Walling says. “Our business is evolving, and there are a lot of trends in the automotive industry that we’ve been taking notes on. You can expect to see more than just cool colors from HISUN in the future.”

HISUN’s growth in the past two years means dealers and consumers can expect additional new models, big improvements and high-end components stemming from new partnerships. The work HISUN has done to add the right people to the team will ensure this growth continues.

“We continue to grow our teams in each department to help support our dealer partners,” says JJ Pecsok, regional sales manager. “It is important that our growth isn’t just based on unit sales but also in other areas that support our dealers to ensure the end consumer has a great experience before, during and after the sale.”

As evidenced by HISUN’s recent sales growth, more people of all ages are turning to powersports for outdoor fun. Will you?

For more information on HISUN, visit www.hisunmotors.com.

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