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onX Offroad Will Include Crucial Mapping Information for 2022 King of the Hammers

Racecourse and spectator-centric waypoints will be accessible and available for spectators of this infamous race.


For the 16th “official” running of King of the Hammers, onX Offroad is poised to be the ultimate mapping resource for spectators. This event hosts the premier ULTRA4 race of the year, often called “the most difficult off-road race in the world,” along with several other off-road races, attracting over 60,000 spectators to the desert in Johnson Valley, California. Whether navigating to the center of the action, Hammertown, or getting to the prime viewpoints along the canyons or cliffs of Johnson Valley, onX Offroad will have all the crucial waypoints and information loaded in the app as the go-to map resource. The app, designed by off-roaders for off-roaders, has all the mapping information and functionality off-roaders need when they are heading out for an adventure, and King of the Hammers race week is no different.

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onX Offroad users will be able to clearly view the ULTRA4 racecourse line, Hammertown and pit locations within the Johnson Valley OHV area. Additionally, the app will define mileage points, check-in points, start/finish line, known obstacles and the infamous cell phone tree. These crucial points will be more than helpful for spectators, easing navigation through the challenging terrain of the area and increasing safety along the busy racecourse.

The onX Offroad mapping system can be toggled between satellite, topographic and a hybrid map view, allowing users to quickly and easily determine preset routes and safely return to their campsites or the main Hammertown area. Additionally, the app’s mapping support for custom markups will allow spectators to add waypoints (campsite, vehicle parking locations, etc.), create routes and then quickly share everything with friends that are also heading to the lakebed.


Cell service is notoriously sparse in Johnson Valley, but with onX Offroad’s Offline Map function, spectators can download the necessary maps of the area ahead of time. The map layers are stored on the phone or mobile device, and that device’s GPS will continue to provide accurate location information while offline, even when the cell network is nonexistent.

For those wanting to use onX Offroad for this year’s King of the Hammers, download the onX Offroad App for free on Google Play or the App Store and search for “Johnson Valley OHV” to start exploring the terrain for this year’s King of the Hammers race and check out locations for the pits, spectator areas, parking and more. 


The 2022 King of the Hammers ULTRA4 course and waypoints have been uploaded into the mapping layers, allowing all of the important locations and info for the race be seen in the app and in 3D on your desktop.

All King of the Hammers and Johnson Valley data will be accessible regardless of account level within the app. Anyone heading to the races is encouraged to download all the necessary offline maps before reaching Hammertown.

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