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Nolan Group and Yoshimura Implement Minimum Advertised Price Policy

Nolan Group and Yoshimura recently implemented MAP policies which will be effective beginning June 30 and August 1, 2015, respectively. Both companies believe a sound MAP policy protects the consumer from unauthorized retailers who have no knowledge of the products, provide no support, and in some cases misrepresent product availability.


imagesNolan Group has implemented a MAP policy which will be effective beginning June 30, 2015. Due to the innovative nature of its products, it is often necessary for authorized retailers and sales associates to commit significant time and resources toward learning and supporting Nolan products. In addition, Nolan recognizes there are significant costs involved in developing, protecting, advertising and branding its products and educating the consumer about each product’s unique value proposition.

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As such, Nolan offers its products to authorized retailers at a cost/price structure that it believes fosters the profitability necessary to fund the aforementioned activities. Therefore, it is the purpose of this MAP policy to support its mutually beneficial cost/price structure and to maintain a level playing field for all authorized retailers, regardless of size and purchasing power. Similarly, the company believes a sound MAP policy protects the consumer from unauthorized retailers who have no knowledge of the products, provide no support, and in some cases misrepresent product availability.


This MAP policy refers only to the price that an authorized retailer chooses to advertise in print, direct mailing and emailing, radio, Internet, telephone, FAX and all other forms of pricing advertisement — not to the price at which an authorized retailer actually sells our products.

Yoshimura also announced a new Minimum Advertised Price policy that will become effective August 1, 2015.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Yoshimura brand as a premium offering and preserve the company’s reputation for providing customers with quality exhaust, hard parts, best in class service/support, protect Yoshimura’s competitiveness in the marketplace and the image of its products, Yoshimura R&D USA is unilaterally adopting a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP) for Yoshimura products.


The new MAP policy will apply to all distributors and retailers, including online retailers that resell Yoshimura R&D USA products to end users. This policy will be uniformly enforced.


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