Motorcycle Test Drives Made Easy

Taking a demo ride at a motorcycle dealership is often discouraged, despite the fact that it is a must in the customer’s mind. Why is this?

Test driving a car at a dealership is a given, and has always been a priority of the auto dealer and the auto buying customer. But taking a demo ride at a motorcycle dealership is often discouraged by the dealer, despite the fact that it is a must in the customer’s mind in order to confirm a good buying decision.

Why is this?

The short answer is complexity and liability. 


Vetting a buyer’s riding competence is only the beginning of the complexity of a motorcycle demo. Then there’s drivers license and liability form copies, getting the bike ready, orienting the customer to the bike. Also, insurance usually limits the ride to 5-10 miles max. Frankly, it’s a lot more work creating a good, safe, motorcycle demo than it is setting up a car test ride.

Reality check: Our survey shows that 92% of motorcycle buyers with an M1 license would buy more often, and pay more if they could take a 30 minute to one hour long test ride. That is only a small fraction when compared to buyers that are willing to make a purchase without test riding them first. This means that dealers and OEMs are losing sales on a mega scale. Think about it this way: Car buyers would scoff and walk away if told they couldn’t drive the car first.


The typical dealers insurance (often called “garage insurance” and intended for around the block rides for the service department) is for the dealer’s bike only, and does NOT cover bodily injury or property damage the rider may cause while riding the bike. It also does not insure the rider either.  AND, the rider’s motorcycle insurance does not cover demo rides.

The Customer

If someone is going to spend $10,000, $15,000 or even $20,000 on a new motorcycle, they want to ride it first, period.  And, they don’t want a short demo ride just a few miles, or around the block. To make the right decision they need to take a real ride from 1/2 an hour and up to 4 hours depending on the type of bike.

The EZ Rider Demo platform offers a fully automated and fully insured demo program to OEMs and dealers, with rides up to 4 hours. The signup and vetting process is completely digital (touch free). The rider, bike and dealer are covered with robust insurance policies (dealers get a $1MM policy).

Link: EZ Rider Demo

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