Motorcycle Influencers Join Forces to Launch New Podcast

In the weekly podcast, the four women tackle subjects such as their journey learning how to ride to riding in the mountains to motorcycle racing, comparing bikes they’ve ridden, discussing gear reviews and recommendations and sharing rides and events they attend together.

It’s beneficial for anyone, especially motorcyclists, to find their tribe—people who inspire and motivate each other. This is exactly what four women riders found in their friendship and two-wheeled adventures on both the road and track. Now, Anna Rigby (known as Redspade), Laura Craft, Sarah Merrell and Emily Prince are seeking others to join their tribe with the launch of MotoTribe, a podcast and YouTube channel offering informative motorsports entertainment.

In the weekly podcast, the four women tackle subjects such as their journey learning how to ride to riding in the mountains to motorcycle racing, comparing bikes they’ve ridden, discussing gear reviews and recommendations and sharing rides and events they attend together. The first podcast episode launched on Feb. 24, 2021 on YouTube where the women introduced themselves, shared why they’re pursuing the podcast and how they met. Since then, four more videos have been posted with a new video added each week.

The women aren’t new when it comes to sharing their adventures—and each has a unique background and story.

Rigby, originally from Poland and now residing in Cumming, Georgia, owns Redspade Racing and has been documenting her riding via social media for years, amassing a following of nearly a quarter million. Her expertise as a graphic designer and photographer is evident in her eye-catching posts. An avid track and road rider, she’s participated in numerous riding schools and track days to hone her skills. This has led to her traveling all over the country to work with motorsports brands like Kawasaki and Yamaha and her sponsors which include Dianese, AGV, Pirelli, Motul, Akraprovic, SBS Brakes and RideRich.

Laura Craft, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a successful business and investment professional, met Rigby in 2011. Riding often with Rigby, Craft also documents her riding through social media and grew a following. A sponsored rider for REV’IT!, LS2 helmets and Stylmartin, Craft has traveled to California and Texas to work with major motorcycle brands like a shoot with REV’IT! and Circuit of the Americas (COTA) with BMW.  In 2020, Craft’s riding story was featured in The Wall Street Journal. As a seasoned public speaker, Craft lends this expertise to the podcast.

 Sarah Merrell, from Maryville, Tennessee, met Rigby and Craft in 2014. Local to the infamous Dragon, she can be found riding the 318 curves most weekends. A public relations professional by day, Merrell is also a motorsports journalist and serves as the marketing director for Women’s Sportbike Rally. She’s been racing mini bikes since 2010. Like Rigby and Craft, she’s enjoyed traveling the country to work with brands like Yamaha, Triumph and Yamaha Champions Riding School. She’s sponsored by OneX, PT Racing Oil and Two Brothers Racing and has collaborated with numerous other brands.

Emily Prince, from Cumming, Georgia, met Rigby, Craft and Merrell in 2019 and became an immediate addition to the group. A fitness enthusiast, Prince spends most weekends during the season riding Blood Mountain and surrounding roads or at the track. Over the course of just a couple years, Prince quickly advanced in her riding through hard work participating in numerous track days. She also works on her own bikes becoming increasingly more adept at bike mechanics. Having participated in mini bike racing last season, she launched into racing her ZX6 in 2021.

In fact, Rigby and Merrell are also pursuing racing in 2021 with WERA Motorcycle Road Racing, having completed their first race with Prince at Talladega Grand Prix Raceway in February.

Although the women have solid social media followings of their own, they realized that adventures together are more fun, so their escapades increased dramatically in 2020 with numerous weekend trips to the mountains and to the track.  Planning for trips started a group text which turned into daily chats about riding and life. When winter hit, weekend trips to hangout continued even without the bikes.

As a way to connect more, Craft sparked the idea of a video podcast which  would bring them together virtually more often and have the added benefit of evolving them beyond the mainly picture- and story-sharing Instagram platform. Audiences will get to know the ladies on a deeper level and see how they interact with each other. Plus, four perspectives on a podcast are more powerful than one.

“We’re a unique breed! I bet we could surprise, entertain, educate and maybe even inspire through video podcasting,” said Craft. “Plus, we wanted create richer content beyond Instagram to share our knowledge and passion of riding. MotoTribe does just that. We’ll pick a motorcycle-related subject and give our unique perspectives.”

While insightful, the women all agree that MotoTribe goes beyond being educational.

“We have a lot of fun together while experiencing a sport we’re passionate about, and the listeners and viewers get to be a part of that,” said Prince. “There’s certainly some comic relief.”

Although the podcast is hosted by four women, they explain that the podcast isn’t women-specific and will appeal to all genders, a variety of different types of motorcyclists and even non-motorcyclists.

“We’ve seen what works and resonates with people through our own social media accounts and what people want to know or are interested in,” said Merrell. “We’ll be delivering content that our followers already know and love but together and with the opportunity for more discussion.”

The women agree that their vision is to see MotoTribe grow and to take it on the road.

“We look forward to attending events, track days and races together and exploring new riding roads and destinations that we can share with our audience,” said Rigby. “We want people to feel like they’re there with us. We named it MotoTribe because we’re inviting people into our tribe with an inside look. Our hope is that it will create more interest in a sport that we’re all passionate about.”

Riders and non-riders alike are encouraged to join the MotoTribe.

The MotoTribe podcast episodes can be watched on YouTube here. The episodes go live every week.

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