Michelin Anakee Wild Dual-Sport Tire

Michelin has launched its Anakee Wild, a radial tire designed for big trail bikes meant for both on- and off-road use. Initially the tire will launch with four radial sizes, including those equipping the “flagship” bike in this category, the BMW R 1200 GS.

Michelin has launched its Anakee Wild, a radial tire designed for big trail bikes meant for both on- and off-road use.

Initially the tire will launch with four radial sizes, including those equipping the “flagship” bike in this category, the BMW R 1200 GS. Additional sizes will enter the market during the year, thus covering most of the trail bikes available.

2 front sizes:       2 rear sizes:
110/80 R 19         150/70 R 17
120/70 R 19         170/60 R 17

The Anakee Wild is aimed at bikers who seek adventure, whether on solo rides, passenger rides, or group rides over a weekend or longer.The tire is perfectly aligned for those who view biking as an expedition and a means to experience and discover exciting journeys. It is aimed at riders who want to break away from paved roads and fully exploit the potential of bikes designed for roads or the most uneven, sandy, stony and muddy tracks.

Michelin Anakee Wild was designed to adapt to all terrain types and situations, as well as the most varied climates. In short, it is a “multi-purpose” tire that demonstrates its performance according to the conditions it encounters.

The mission of the development engineers was to combine three performance characteristics: on-road stability and comfort; resistance to overheating and wear; and increased wet-road and off-road traction.

The Anakee Wild achieves these goals through the new tread composition, optimized tread depth and the innovative design of the tread blocks, which was inspired by those used on Michelin Desert tires that won the Paris-Dakar Rally 33 times. Additionally, the tire is the first radial made available on four different sizes of knobby tires.

Understanding the wide range of uses in the adventure-touring segment throughout the world enabled Michelin to design its tire ranges, which now include the Anakee Wild. As a result, the same bike can now be fitted with three different types of tires, each adapted to a specific consumer use.

The new Michelin Anakee Wild was designed following the inputs from riders and developed with the help of T3 Aventure, a company specialized in extreme treks across all continents. T3 Aventure put the tires through severe testing over four continents; travelling nearly 25,000 miles on BMW R 1200 GS bikes with temperature variations of nearly 100 degrees.

During these four treks, different measurements and analysis made it possible to improve the Anakee Wild and add the final touches to the final version available in March. T3 Adventure made it possible to validate the tire’s high mileage, durability and ability to adapt to all terrain types (from paved roads to the most abrasive tracks), as well as its comfort and riding precision.

For more information: www.MichelinMotorcycle.com

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