Lectron Fuel Systems Now Available from Tucker

Known for making strong, consistent power, Lectron dominates sports like two-stroke motocross, enduro and drag racing.

Tucker announced the addition of Lectron Fuel Systems to its list of offered brands.

Lectron disrupted the industry when it began in 1974 by developing two carburetor firsts: the flat slide and the flat metering rod. Today, Lectron continues to build upon these innovations and supplies both professional racers and weekend warriors with technology that improves torque, horsepower and fuel economy while adjusting for atmospheric conditions.

In 2010, Lectron acquired new ownership and since that time has expanded its product line and refined its production processes. They now focus on the total customer experience: delivering a superior product while providing world-class service. Lectron enjoys helping its customers maximize the potential of their motorcycle.


Known for making strong, consistent power, Lectron dominates sports like two-stroke motocross, enduro and drag racing. They aren’t in business to be second best and have pre-tuned kits that are ready to install with minimal adjusting. Other reasons why include:

Simplicity: Lectron carburetors have no jets and the least parts of any carburetor. They compensate automatically for a wide range of elevation and temperature changes, which equates to less time fixing and tuning and more time riding.

Adjustability: Lectron is the only metering rod fuel system with two circuits. This means no harsh transitions compared to a jetted carburetor, while still having two independently adjustable circuits for bottom end and top end. You can run leaner metering rods for crisp response off idle while making massive peak horsepower numbers.

Better Fuel Atomization: The fuel coming off the metering rod is in much finer particles than fuel coming out of a jet. This creates a much more efficient and even burn, which helps make more power, use less fuel, decrease emissions and help prevent fouling spark plugs.

Throttle Response: The smooth, tapered bore design creates the fastest airspeeds of any carburetor. Unlike a choked down keyhole design, Lectron products are designed to flow the most air at the highest velocity and are the only carburetor with the fuel pickup tube always under vacuum (on the engine side of the slide). It’s always full of fuel, and adjusting float height for throttle response is a thing of the past.

Lectron Fuel Systems is now available from Tucker.

Link: Lectron

Tucker Powersports
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