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Leading Them On

How to ask for referrals without sounding like a jerk.


"I’d like to thank everyone for coming to the staff meeting," you say… as you do every Saturday. "This week we want to focus on getting more referrals." Your sales crew looks at you nodding their understanding. You smile knowing you’ve just given the best motivational talk since Knute Rockne told his Notre Dame squad to "Win one for the Gipper." But unfortunately the referrals never materialize. Why? Is it because your sales team doesn’t understand the importance of referrals? Probably not, we all inherently know that referrals are desirable. But we may not know specifically why they are so crucial. So to crystallize your thinking, here are a few reasons why referrals are so crucial to you and your dealership’s success.

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Referrals minimize your advertising and marketing expenses: Priceless! This will seem like one of those clich

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