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K&L Supply Powercycle Ignition Coil Tester

This month, Chris Tyree, the service manager over at MPN’s own Bill Little’s Unique Powersports, in Sullivan, Missouri took K&L Supply’s Powercycle Ignition Coil Tester for a spin.


Since he needed to replace his old ignition coil testing system anyway, Unique Powersports’ service manager Chris Tyree jumped at the chance to try out K&L Supply’s Powercycle Ignition Coil Tester. “An ignition coil tester is a relatively simple tool, but having one handy is paramount to the diagnosis of spark issues,” Chris said.

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“The Powercycle is small, lightweight and extremely simple to use. Two leads attach from the tester to the coil. That’s it. Press the button to send sparks through the coil to the plug and it tells you immediately if the coil is bad. If not, move to the next step.” Chris points out that the Powercycle unit can be powered by its own 9-volt battery, but also comes with a 12-volt power cord with alligator clips that can attach directly to any 12-volt battery. This makes field testing on the bike a breeze. The coil leads themselves are also long enough to reach and test a coil without stripping a bike completely down.


The $277.50 price tag is reasonable as well. Chris points out that customers constantly walk through the door with coils for testing and many shops charge between $5 and $10 to perform the test. With that kind of return, the unit pays for itself between 28-56 uses, not even enough time to wear out a single 9-volt battery! The Powercycle is an easy-to-use essential for shop mechanics while the home guy might find the investment a bit high to support his own personal needs.

For More Info:

K&L Supply Co.

1040 Richard Ave.

Santa Clara, CA 95050

(800) 727-6767


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