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How to Physically Prepare For a Long Motorcycle Ride

Are you planning for your long motorcycle trip and not sure how to prepare? We are here to guide you through this. Without any argument, we all can agree that riding a motorcycle requires a lot of physical stamina, and mental focus as well. It is far different than driving your four wheeler for several hours. Riding a bike can be uncomfortable and you might face sharp weather conditions and you need to have the correct posture. Riding a motorcycle is fun and adventurous but it demands strength, focus and stamina.

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Here are tips that can help you to have a comfortable and safe ride.

Enhance your Endurance

Everyone has a different fitness level. As a general advice, we recommend you to improve your endurance level. Improvement in your lungs and heart health can be achieved by performing aerobic exercises. It will increase oxygenation of your body and help nutrients flow. Experts recommend doing aerobic training for at least 30 minutes three times per week

If you’re not so much in shape and not willing to hit the gym, you can boost your endurance by doing simple exercises like walking or light running. Swimming and cycling are the other fun activities that will help increase endurance. Before starting any cardiovascular program, consider consulting your physician if there are any health issues.


Glutes Strength

If you’re skinny and have a “weak butt,” there is a higher probability of developing serious back pain. You will become vulnerable to hip pain and various injuries, which is something you can’t afford to have on your long bike trip. There are many simple workouts that will strengthen your glutes and back.

Your hips are the genetic muscle of your body. It accumulates fat and muscles, which you can reshape by working out. If you are super skinny, consider gaining pounds that will add up a layer of fat to which serves as cushioning. If you already have it, do physical training like body weight and weight lifting exercises. We would recommend squats, planks and deadlifts.


Acquiring & maintaining flexibility

Performing stretching exercises on a daily basis is a highly effective method of improving and maintaining flexibility. You need high flexibility at your back, neck, thighs and hamstrings as well. Having flexibility in your body helps with maintaining proper posture.

There is a lot of content and tips available on the internet that will help you in making your own stretching program. It simply starts by a warm-up session of 5-10 minutes, followed by aerobic activity, like cycling. While performing those stretching workouts, remember to adopt correct body posture. Not doing so can cause injury. Consistency and commitment plays a major role in achieving flexibility before you get on the road. It is not possible, naturally, to improve the flexibility over the course of two days before a motor bike trip, so start several weeks in advance.


Core Strength

Boosting core body strength is essentially important for your long motorbike trip. Your core consists of the muscles that you get to use the most while riding the motorbike. Core are muscles are deep, they are located in your abdominal region and back and cover the spine. They can’t be seen, which is why people overlook them. Most people relate it with body building.

Being a motorcyclist, it is essentially important to have strengthened back and abdominal muscles as they help with maintaining balance and stability. Yoga and pilates are the effective exercises to strengthen your body’s core body strength. Moreover, it tones your abdominal muscles, provides you a trendy look as you ride while wearing your motorbike jacket.


Before Hitting the Road

We recommend you to refrain from drinking alcohol before your trip, as it requires long hours for regaining the control and being completely sober. Moreover, consuming alcohol before a long motorbike trip might lead to a disaster, as it drains the body’s hydration. It will make you lose focus.

Around 60% of your body is composed of water, so it is highly suggested to avoid dehydration.Make sure you hydrate yourself properly before getting on your ride. Start doing it a few days before your trip.

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