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Burly Slammer Shocks

Burly Brand 

Made famous by the Burly Slammer Kits, the stubby Burly shocks are now being sold separately. Slammer Shocks may be short, measuring in at only 10.5 inches eye to eye, but they are well thought out and are travel limited to prevent tire/fender contact. Five position preload adjusters allow for fine tuning to rider weight for optimum feel. They’re available in black or chrome for most Sporties and Dynas, and retail at $199.


For More Info: www.burlybrand.com




Standard And Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers

Drag Specialties

The right shock absorbers can mean a world of difference in how a bagger rides and handles. These standard and heavy-duty Drag Specialties shock absorbers are made to take a beating while delivering a smooth ride. The shock bodies are steel with multi-stage velocity-sensitive hydraulic dampers inside. Each one features progressive rate springs that provide a softer initial response, but resist bottoming better than stock springs. Riders will see improved damping rates for a more comfortable and controlled ride. The shocks feature a five-position adjustable spring pre-load (adjusting tool included). 11.5-inch, 12.5-inch and 13-inch custom lengths are available for stock ride height or a lowered, custom look. Drag Specialties recommends the use if the heavy duty shocks when a bagger is operated at or near the manufacturer’s maximum load rating more than 50 percent of the time. The shock absorbers are available in chrome or black for 85-12 FLHT/FLHR/FLHX/FLTR (except H-D FL Trike) models.  The TüV approved  shocks are manufactured to Drag Specialties specifications by Progressive Suspension and are sold in pairs for $199.95. 


For More Info:  www.dragspecialties.com



444 Series 

Progressive Suspension 

After more than a decade of success with the renowned 440 Series shocks, Progressive Suspension has unveiled the innovative 444 Series featuring Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) which boasts a unique ability to dynamically adjust damping throughout the ride. The Progressive Suspension engineering team says that FST essentially behaves like two sets of shocks — One set to comfortably and efficiently smooth away nasty road surfaces and a second set to handle the big jobs like drainage dips, speed bumps, bottoming control and cornering stability. This patent pending technology features frequency sensitive damping circuits, which enable the new 444 Series to deliver unsurpassed performance and comfort. The new shocks also feature an all aluminum body, deflective disc valving, unique FST circuits and a progressive rate spring. Like their predecessors, the 444 Series is preload adjustable by turning the top cap and can be easily set up for the riders weight and riding style. Available in black or chrome as well as standard and heavy duty spring rates for $624, the series is supported with a limited lifetime warranty.  


For More Info: www.progressivesuspension.com



Powersports Suspension

Six 5 Design

Former ATV racer Jake Balsiger launched the Six 5 Design brand in the fall of 2010. The former head designer/fabricator at JB Racing isn’t new to suspension design and fabrication, he had the opportunity to develop a signature series for rider John Natalie Jr. used in a Pro Championship winning season for the ATV Four Play brand. Balsinger’s business model isn’t based on mass production. “We don’t want to build an endless supply of products that are good enough,” says Balsinger. “I’d rather build a handful of the best.” Seen here is the company’s TRX 450 Long Travel X Level Rear Suspension Kit, and while Balsinger got his start in the ATV world, he’s expanded his product lineup to include high performance motorcycle and snowmobile components as well as high-end one-off projects to meet customer specifications.


For More Info: www.six5design.com



Suspension Controller Kit

Motor Trike

Your customers can take fingertip control of their Harley-Davidson Tri Glide’s ride quality with Motor Trike’s suspension controller kit. The Tri Glide’s rear suspension settings are a key to confidence-inspiring cornering — Motor Trike’s kit provides instant suspension adjustment at the touch of a button to dial-in settings that are just right — delivering a comfortable ride while maintaining stable cornering performance under widely varying loads. Motor Trike’s kit for all 09-12 FLHTCUTG models retails for $599.95 and includes a compressor, control panel and all required plug-and-play wiring. It’s designed for bolt-on installation, with no drilling or welding needed.


For More Info: www.motortrike.com  



Suspension Service

FCR Suspension

Need a partner in suspension service? FCR Suspension offers a full range of services from complete rebuilds and revalves to offering springs and suspension wear parts for a wide range of powersports units from street to off-road motorcycles to ATVs and UTVs. FCR offers dealers healthy profit margins, top-notch tech support and the company prides itself on customer service. 


For More Info: www.fcrsuspension.com 



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