HISUN Tech Tip: Check Air Filter, Oil Level on 250cc ATVs

In this series, HISUN technicians will walk you through basic technical procedures for a HISUN unit.

In a new video series, HISUN Motors launched Tech Tip Tuesday. In this series, HISUN technicians will walk you through basic technical procedures for a HISUN unit.

If you have ever looked into HISUN units or currently sell them, this series of videos is meant to give you the basic knowledge needed to help properly maintain, and routinely perform maintenance on these HISUN units.

In this episode, HISUN walks viewers through the basic steps to change the air filter and check the oil levels on a HISUN 250cc ATV. HISUN will be following up this video with a new video every Tuesday featuring a different technical tip to keep HISUN vehicles on the trail.


Hisun Motors
Phone: 972-446-0760

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