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Parts and Accessories

High-Tech Motorcycle Accessories

Juice up your P&A sales with these high-tech accessories and gadgets.


MotoComm Wearable Video Camera

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The Ridercam30F by MotoComm weighs only 3.5 ounces and has wide-angle lenses to capture all the action! A quick-release mounting system for helmets with selectable resolution — VGA (640×480) or QVGA (320×240) provides up to 30 full frames per second of recording. The rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger allow for two-plus hours of battery life with built-in microphone use.

Find It Now Early Warning GPS Security System

Find It Now USA’s warning GPS for powersports vehicles sends texts and/or e-mails to the owner when it senses movement for enhanced security.


Other features include:
• Speed and boundary alerts
• Low battery alert where the power will disconnect
and provide a built-in backup battery
• View vehicle location 24/7
• 24-hour recovery call center

Cardo Systems Inc. Accessory Kit for Half-Helmet Wearers

Cardo Systems Inc. new Audio & Microphone Kit for half-helmets works in tandem with the company’s best-selling line of Bluetooth rider-to-rider communication headsets. Designed to comfortably fit riders, the kit attaches in minutes with secure fastening to the straps of the helmet using the patent-pending method.


This kit includes:
• 3.5mm audio input jack    
• Two sets of ultra-slim speakers
• One single speaker    
• Dual speakers
• Ear curtains        
• Microphone sponges

Sena Wireless Intercom Systems

Sena’s new wireless and dual wireless SMH10 intercom systems can connect with up to four people via Multi-Pair Bluetooth and can even connect to other Bluetooth devices! Riders will enjoy its crystal-clear, natural sound quality that lasts up to 12 hours of talk time and 10 days stand-by time, expanding 900 meters in open terrain. It’s hands-free, water-resistant and can play stereo music with an audio cable.

Other added features include:
• Headset main unit        • Speaker-microphone clamp unit
• DC power charger        • USB power cable
• Cigarette charger        • 3.5mm audio input jack
• Glue surface mounting adapter    • Microphone sponges
• Velcro pads            • Hex key


MotoCam 360 Mirror Vision Package

MotoCam’s patented Mirror Vision Package (MVP) has recently been upgraded with the integration of a GPS receiver for displaying real-time vehicle speed. The data package also features RPM input, throttle position, and brake light (on/off), which is all overlaid directly across the image from the rearview camera. This way, the rider is able to see 98 percent of the surroundings without turning his/her head.

Nolan’s Universal Bluetooth Kit MULTI

The MULTI is designed for helmets without an integrated communications set up. Simple and easy to install, the MULTI Kits adapt to different helmet models, and can be transferred from one helmet to another. Riders communicate via cable or Bluetooth and the system is compatible with mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS and more.


SPOT Connect Device for Smartphones

SPOT Connect’s new device connects smartphones to a global satellite that allows messages, Facebook updates, Twitter posts and GPS coordinates to be sent from virtually anywhere on the planet. Non-emergency help from contacts or service providers can be requested, or in the case of a critical emergency, an SOS message can be sent. Works with leading smartphone and handheld platforms.

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