HeliBars Tour Performance Duo Position Handlebar Relocation Adapters Fit Honda Gold Wing

These risers make the ‘Wing more comfortable and competent than when it rolled off the showroom floor – during parking-lot maneuvers, flowing through corners and out on the open road.

HeliBars introduced its first-ever dual-position motorcycle handlebar risers. The new Tour Performance Duo Position Handlebar Relocation Adapters take the sport-touring-focused 2018 Honda Gold Wing’s ergonomics almost one step forward and more than two steps back, respectively, in their Sport and Touring riding positions.

In either setting, these risers make the ‘Wing more comfortable and competent than when it rolled off the showroom floor – during parking-lot maneuvers, flowing through corners and out on the open road.

Tour Performance Duo Position Handlebar Relocation Adapters are simply installed between the motorcycle’s handlebars and their mounts, perfectly integrating with stock components. When set in Sport mode, the adapters elevate each bar 5/8-inch, relocate the handgrips ¾-inch forward and place them 1-1/4-inch farther apart, offering optimal ergonomics for fully-engaged riding and making the bike feel even lighter on its feet.

When set in Touring mode, the Duo Position relocators also move the bars 5/8-inch higher, but bring the grips 2-3/4-inch closer to riders, allowing ‘Wing pilots to sit back in the saddle with more relaxed arms, neck, shoulders and back.

The strong, light adapters are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and have drain holes in their recessed mounting bores to eliminate corrosion from pooling water. They also feature a hard-coat, black-anodized finish and come with high-grade 10.9 hardware. To reduce cost and complexity, everything integrates with the Honda’s original wiring, cables and hydraulic lines, so messy, time-consuming re-routing and fluid bleeding are not required.

The Duo Position Handlebar Relocation Adapters don’t adversely affect the Wing’s unique double-wishbone front suspension system. They’re also engineered to perfectly integrate with the Honda’s tank-top controls. Meticulous fit testing ensures that the Heli-bolstered handlebars still move freely from lock-to-lock and steer clear of the bike’s wide windscreen.M

MSRP: $129

Link: HeliBars

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