Grim Parts Co. Fuel Filter for S&S Super E & G Carburetor

The seamless design allows users to run a fuel filter with an S&S Type E and G carburetor on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, eliminating the need to find a place to install an in-line fuel filter.

The patented Grim Fuel Filter installs directly into the float bowl and replaces the float needle seat on S&S Super E & G model carburetors. The seamless design allows users to run a fuel filter with an S&S Type E and G carburetor on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, eliminating the need to find a place to install an in-line fuel filter.

CNC machined from solid brass for a beautiful custom finish, the top of the filter is threaded to allow seamless integration directly into the carburetor. The Grim Fuel Filter is equipped with a stainless steel washable and lifetime reusable element that filters down to 10 microns and flows at 6 GPM. The inside of the filter housing is slotted to allow simple installation.

Why every motor should use a fuel filter:

  • Fuel is dirty. From the time fuel leaves a refinery to the time it gets into a fuel tank, there are multiple opportunities for contamination. Clean fuel performs better, and contaminated fuel may cause damage to a motor.
  • The tank is dirty, especially on older bikes. Using a filter ensures that any contaminants from the fuel or a tank are prevented from entering the motor.
  • Fuel lines corrode over time. This filter installs directly into the float, making it the absolute last line of defense against contaminants entering a motor.
  • Prevents vapor lock. There is no room on a bike to mount a traditional inline fuel filter other than directly between your cylinders, which is one of the hottest areas on a bike. This leads to an inline filter banging against cooling fins causing fin damage, increased fuel temperatures and eventually boiling fuel and vapor lock. The Grim Fuel Filter installs safely away from the motor, thereby reducing fuel temperatures and eliminating vapor lock issues.
  • Substantially better performance. The 10-micron element maintains a high flow rate of 6 GPM, eliminating fuel delivery issues common with higher micron filters.

Link: Grim Parts Co.

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