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How to Get Powersports Owners Interested in Geofence Alerts

The enjoyment of powersports vehicles is all about experiencing freedom. Your buyers are in your dealership because they want a taste of excitement.

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But when your finance and insurance (F&I) managers start talking about GPS tracking, theft recovery and geofence alerts, does it suck the joy right out of your customers? Is it difficult to get them excited for something that sounds more like an insurance policy than a kicking sound system?

For some buyers, a GPS unit might sound more like a restriction on their fun than a way to get more out of their new purchase. In reality, GPS tracking and geofence alerts both enhance and protect their purchases.

Here are three reasons your buyers should want geofence alerts from a GPS tracking device on their powersports vehicles.

Quickly React to Theft

If you already offer your buyers a GPS tracking device, it’s important to know that many units only track the location of the vehicle when it’s requested by the user. That means they might not know a vehicle is stolen until they physically notice it’s missing. For seasonal vehicles, that could mean weeks or even months have passed. The longer a powersports vehicle is gone, the less likely law enforcement will be able to recover it in repairable condition.


With the right GPS tracker, geofence alerts can be set up to alert the owner the moment a vehicle is moved, started or towed. This allows the owner to quickly respond to the possible theft and increase his or her chances of getting the vehicle back in good shape.

Manage Loaners and Rentals

It’s not uncommon for powersports vehicle owners to loan or even rent out their purchases. Whether the owner is letting a friend use it for the weekend or renting it for extra cash, it’s important to know how the vehicle is being used — and where.


Geofencing alerts let owner know about unusual activity the moment it happens. Said friend could be taking the vehicle outside of an agreed-upon area, or a renter could be crossing state lines. The sooner the owner knows about a situation, the quicker he or she can respond and address the problem.

Keep Tabs on Kids

Of course, friends often aren’t the only people taking that ATV for a spin. Many owners let children of all ages cruise on trails or jump dunes. While they certainly do their best to keep an eye on their kids, it’s not unusual for children to push the boundaries and see where they can go.


Owners probably want their kids to stay close to home or camps, and geofencing alerts let them know if the children go too far so they can check in on them. Some GPS trackers also offer impact alerts so owners or other emergency contacts can quickly respond to potential injuries.

Your dealership’s buyers will certainly want to get the most out of their purchase, but it’s easy to see how their eyes might glaze over when you start talking about GPS trackers and geofence alerts. It’s important to frame the conversation to show them how the alerts can actually enhance their ownership, helping you complete more sales in the process.


Matt McAfee is the national sales manager of MOGO. For the last eight years, he’s helped automotive and powersports dealers protect and manage their assets. Before that, he spent more than 15 years working in a variety of departments in automotive dealerships, building hands-on knowledge that has guided him in helping dealers be more secure and efficient.

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