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Finding Our ‘Cool’ Place In The Industry


PF_IGP5679[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the most frequent questions I have been asked in all my years in the motorcycle industry has been, “How do you land one of the cool jobs in the industry?” People outside of the industry will say that is so cool you work in the motorcycle industry.

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To most of us enthusiasts, the cool job would be on the racing circuit, at least that is what I used to think. I was one of those enthusiasts who dreamed of being on the racing circuit, and was fortunate enough to work a few years in Europe for the Motocross GP circuit. At that time in my life (mid-20’s), it was a cool job to me. Here is my example. I was a sponsorship coordinator in Europe who took care of Stefan Everts and many other top riders with the brands for which I was responsible.

My job was to travel to different countries all over the world keeping riders and teams stocked with the products they needed, while looking for new talent at the same time. It was a dream job, to get paid to travel the world and go to motocross races. Does it get any cooler than that? At that time in my life the answer was no.
For the majority of employees, sooner or later the cool job is not so dreamy anymore.


If you are reading this article you are already working in the motorcycle industry and that in itself is a really cool job to most people outside of the industry. But what job in the industry can really bring you enjoyment and satisfaction enough to be considered a dream job? The fact is, they all can be. This industry has been built by enthusiasts working in their dream job.

[pullquote]It was a dream job, to get paid to travel the world and go to motocross races.[/pullquote]

Let’s Talk About Some “Cool” Jobs
A District Sales Manager for a motorcycle manufacturer sounds like a cool job. You sell units to dealerships, you get demo units and a vehicle… That sounds good! I have personal friends who have been doing it for more than 20 years and love it. I also know of some DSM’s who have left for other positions.


Brand Managers for helmets, apparel, boots, oil companies, often fly around the country representing their brand, handing out free hats and shirts, visiting dealerships while educating them and trying to sell it to their stores. You’re the guy who gets hit up for free stuff and you have the power to give anyone you want a free $500 helmet or jacket. However, there are companies out there looking to fill these same exact jobs because the previous employee wasn’t happy with this dream job anymore.

Another example is with Distributor Representatives. These are the men and women who represent big and small distributors for parts and accessories. For the most part, they have very flexible schedules, they visit dealerships all day and bench race, all while counting a few brake pads and trying to sell something new to these shops. Wow…sounds like these guys have it made! Yet many DRs leave to take a Parts Manager position at a local dealership.


There are thousands of jobs out there, some a little harder to get than others. Bottom line is: even though the grass may look greener on the other side, you still have to mow it. Never give up looking for what truly is your very own dream job.

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