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FIN GPS Recovers 2016 Suzuki GSXR 600 for the 3rd Time

FIN GPS proves the third time is the charm. In the early morning hours, a Motion Alert wakes up a FIN customer letting him know his bike is being moved. He runs outside and sees two bike thieves finish loading his GSXR into a blue van and pull away. He then calls the FIN 24-Hour Theft Tracking Center and his local police department and takes off following the van. He uses his FIN GPS app to track the bike location as he eventually loses sight of the van. FIN continued to track the bike and the bike owner then spots a police officer and gets him to help. He was told to get in the back of the officer’s car, and they began to catch up to the van. The officer manages to pull the van over and both thieves were arrested. A total of three stolen bikes were recovered safely inside the van. Not only did FIN GPS recover his bike, but the bike’s owner got the ride of his life in the back of the police cruiser as they chased the thieves down.                                                                

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Three thefts for this FIN owner…three recoveries…surely a customer that is incredibly happy he had FIN GPS to secure his bike!

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