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Everyone Should Have Two Bikes to Ride


fairless_1[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Ma, I just returned from the 76th annual Black Hills Rally in Sturgis, SD. This was my 30th Sturgis Rally in a row. I’ve been every year consecutively since 1987. This year was good, although it was not as crowded as the last few years. My pal Joe T. bought a beautiful home up on top of Spearfish Canyon, so I stayed with him and his family up there this year.

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It was a nice break because it allowed me to get away from the craziness for a while. I think it’s cool that Joe T. has a second home that he, his wife and kid can escape to whenever they want. Sometimes I think I’d like to have a second home too, especially up there in them Black Hills. But I know I would only use it once a year, and I just can’t justify that expense. But it’s nice that my friend can justify the expense, so I’ll just help him enjoy his house up there every Sturgis Rally!


Ma, when I was in Sturgis I delivered a custom bike that we built for one of my Hamster pals, Doug Robinson from Pennsylvania. Last year in Sturgis, he told me that he wanted a “Rick Fairless Custom” and he left everything else up to me. Well, I told him that wasn’t good enough. When we build a bike for somebody I want to get to know that person. I want to know about their riding style, I want to know about their life, the things they like and things that are important to them.

So, when I was questioning Doug, he told me about how he plays in a band with some buddies for fun – Noted. He also mentioned his favorite recording artists of all time and one of them is Jimi Hendrix – Noted. Oh, and by the way, Doug told me he’s originally from New York and he actually went to Woodstock when he was a teenager in 1969 – BANG! I knew right then what I was going to build for Doug; a stripped down cool bobber with a Woodstock theme, but I didn’t tell him that! The bike came out great and Doug absolutely loves the bike, and that’s what counts!


So Ma, I know you love to talk politics, and you know that I absolutely HATE politics. I’m really nervous about this election. This is the craziest election I’ve ever seen. Both candidates are hated by large groups of people. In the past I remember people that like one candidate over another, but I don’t ever recall a time when both candidates are vehemently hated by so many people. I’m afraid of what will happen when one of the candidates is elected. I think the losing side will riot in the streets.

This country is at a sad time in its history and we need a strong leader to take control and lead us back to prosperity. I’m not sure either candidate currently running can be a strong leader for America. God help us no matter who wins this crazy election. I would like to suggest Arlen Ness for President of the United States of America! He would lead our country with CLASS, that’s for sure! There is an old saying from the 1960s that said, “If people wanted peace as much as they wanted another TV set, then there would be peace!”


So while I was in Sturgis I rode two different bikes. I rode my RF Custom Chopper, with a Kennedy “Long Bike” frame and a 28˝ over Sugar Bear front end. We built this bike 15 years ago and I still love riding it. There is something about riding a chopper that is exhilarating! I’ve always said that riding a Custom Bagger is kinda cool, but riding a Custom Chopper will blow your mind!

The other bike I rode was Ethel, my Evil Victory Octane. Although it’s not a chopper, it’s a blast to ride. It’s very light, nimble and loaded with horsepower! It was a blast to ride through them Black Hills. I rode it through Spearfish Canyon and I enjoyed it so much that I turned around and rode it through the canyon again! Riding this bike is so different from my chopper, but both stir the same emotions when I ride. I know that probably sounds funny, but they’re exactly the same, except for the fact that they are completely different bikes. Know what I mean Ma? In other words, everybody should have at least two bikes to ride.


I love ya Ma!
Your boy Rickey

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