Ep. 76: Electric Bikes, Jet Skis, Helmet Tech and New Gear

New bikes and gear, and anniversary and race news coming at you.

On this episode of On the Throttle, Jacqui Van Ham and Josh Troche bring us insights on the latest in protective gear, Kawasaki’s 50th year of Jet Skis, e-bikes for kids and even a MotoGP update from Argentina. Also in this episode, Jacqui had the chance to speak with Brad Waldron, the founder and lead engineer of Kali Protectives, about the latest in safety technology used in the company’s new Octane helmet.

  • 2:00: SUPER73’s new youth series e-bike K1D and adventure series
  • 8:32: Kawasaki celebrates 50 years of Jet Skis.
  • 13:37: Kali Protectives Founder Brad Waldron walks us through the technology used in the company’s new Octane helmet to provide added protection against head and brain injury.
  • 20:30: MotoGP race update from Argentina
  • 24:50: REV’IT’s Stratum GTX Suit is turning ADV gear inside out.

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