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E-Z-GO Partners with Rollick to Build Deeper Connection with Consumers

Rollick and E-Z-GO, a Textron Specialized Vehicles business, announced that E-Z-GO will utilize Rollick’s digital engagement module, RollickDR, to enable a better buying experience for consumers wanting to complete more of their transaction online. 

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E-Z-GO vehicles are designed and manufactured by Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a Textron Inc. company. With RollickDR technology, the company is providing a more seamless experience to consumers interested in an E-Z-GO golf car or personal transportation vehicle, such as its EliTE series of electric vehicles powered by Samsung SDI lithium-ion technology. Consumers can easily view available incentives and special offers, prequalify for financing, estimate a trade-in value, reserve a unit with a down payment and schedule an appointment with a local dealer that has the unit in stock. 

According to a recent study by The Center for Generational Kinetics for WPEngine, 65% of all generations say they rely more on technology now than ever before, and more than 60% of Gen Z and millennials plan to continue using the digital channels they adopted or increasingly used during the pandemic.  


“Crafting a straightforward and simple online experience for our customers is at the forefront of E-Z-GO’s mission,” said Gunnar Kleveland, president and CEO of Textron Specialized Vehicles. “We all shop online now and expect the online experience to be seamless and provide an excellent level of service and attention.” 

Consumers spent $791.7 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 32.4% year over year, according to U.S. Department of Commerce figures. That’s the highest annual U.S. e-commerce growth in at least two decades and more than double the 15.1% jump in 2019. 


“As technology advances, more and more consumers expect the internet to remember their entered information and preferences,” said Meagan Kusek, Managing Editor of Motorcycle Powersports News. “This capability is a huge part of the customer experience — and it often makes or breaks it.” 

A study by PwC found that the payoffs for valued, great experiences are tangible — up to 16% price premium on products and services, plus increased loyalty. In addition, 63% of U.S. consumers say they are willing to share more personal information with a company that provides a great experience. The study showed that convenience, efficiency, personalization and up-to-date technology are among the most important attributes to consumers. 


“E-Z-GO is leading the way in its commitment to helping dealers serve customers in a richer, more personalized way that aligns with how buyers expect to shop,” said Bernie Brenner, CEO of Rollick. “When that experience starts on the brand website, the manufacturer begins building loyalty before the customer steps foot in the dealership.” 

In addition to rolling out RollickDR in early December, E-Z-GO added Rollick’s Inventory Tools, including displaying dealer inventory on its brand site, to its Aimbase lead management solution powered by Rollick last year. This is critical to the customer experience in today’s environment, where shoppers often start their journey on the brand site and want to ensure they end up at a dealer location that has the inventory they are looking for. 


“Technology matters, and customers often only notice technology when it fails or disrupts the process,” said Brenner. “According to the study, two-thirds of consumers say that a frustrating website experience hurts their opinion of the brand.”

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