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Don’t Be Afraid!

The real point is that I want salespeople around me that have a somewhat pragmatic view of sales.


DA_1[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you believe, brothers and sisters? Do you have belief in yourself? That you can do it? That you can do what’s required to close that deal? Do you have belief in your ability?

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Do you have sales professionals who will go back and get that extra $500, $300, or even that extra $100 that you need to make that deal? Or do they try to work you to accept that deal because they are scared to go back and confront the customer? Are they afraid to tell their customers that their trade-in is a piece of junk, and not worth half what they want? Are they frightened of telling them that the offer is downright insulting? It always comes down to one thing: Whether you believe you can, or you believe you cannot, you are probably right.


My favorite salesperson is the one who, when told that the trade is worth $5,500 says, “Just write down $4,500 and let’s see what I can do.” He’s also the guy who will come into the office, sit down with a worksheet in his hand without talking to me about it, and then leave in a few minutes to get that first bump in price.
He believes.

My least favorite salesperson is the one who says, “I know he won’t go for that.” How does your salesperson know? Does he have ESP? Can he read minds? If so, move to Vegas; the poker tables are waiting! How many times have you gone back to the customer, told him that you need another $950, and he just looks at you, sighs, and says “OK”?


If your immediate reaction is that there is no way that such a thing could happen, then you don’t believe, and you are part of the problem. Because these things can happen. Often.

I’ve dealt with sales managers who go immediately to mid or top book value no matter what the condition of the trade, because they don’t want to upset the customer. Let me tell you this; if said customer is upset at $4,500, he will probably be upset at $5,500, too. If a salesperson is afraid to tell that customer his bike is only worth $4,500, then he, too, is part of the problem.


Let’s look at this $4,500/$5,500 problem. If I tell Billy Bob that his trade is worth $4,500, and he gets upset, that’s good. Now I’ve set him back on his heels, and he may now drop the pretense that his bike has some historic or collectible properties, and come back to reality. Now I can perhaps close the deal at $5,000. It’s very simple, and we’ve all heard this before. But it still comes down to belief.

The real point is that I want salespeople around me that have a somewhat pragmatic view of sales; it’s not about the $100 or the $1,000 in the deal that we are talking about. It’s the $20 or the $200 that comes out of his pocket when he can’t ask for the last bump.


You must believe in your abilities. Do not be afraid, whether you are a salesman on the floor, or a sales manager. Keep the grosses up. It helps everyone. My magic goal for used bikes is 29%. That’s the percentage of gross profit I always strive for. Do I always get it? No. But if you work the trade, and don’t discount the unit you’re selling, you can do amazing things. I believe. I make a killing on used bikes. New bike grosses have been going down over the last 20 years or so, mostly from lack of sales ability on the floor, where weak salespeople immediately go to the bottom price.


What about the customer who tells you that they can get the ATV at the next shop for $1.99 a pound? Ignore it. Work the deal at the gross profit you want. It doesn’t matter what the other shop does. Impress the customer here and now. It doesn’t matter that the other shop charges less for PDI. It’s all about focus, lack of fear; and belief.

Don’t be afraid! Maybe you’ll close the deal. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll get more money. Maybe you won’t. But never, ever, be afraid. Believe. Just Believe.


Some say his tears are adhesive and that he’s scared of bells. All we know is he keeps his identity hidden for various reasons. Send us an email if you have a topic you’d like him to cover at: [email protected]

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