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Digital Marketing Programs Connect Dealers to Customers

Sponsored by Hisun Motors

According to Facebook, there are over 2.37 billion monthly active users on their social media platform alone. With the touch of a button, you have the ability to reach your customers and gain new ones. Statistics show that your dealership might already have an active social media page, but are you using social media to its fullest potential to connect with your audience?

Several OEMs are embracing the demand to reach customers through social media and have introduced programs to help dealers manage it. HISUN Motors’ new program, HISUN Connect, effectively and automatically posts to dealership social media channels.

“Through HISUN Connect, we are able to take data we have collected and transform it into information for our dealer partners to leverage,” said Gabriel Cruz, media development manager at HISUN. “It is our job to find the places where people, brands, media and technology connect. With HISUN Connect, we can implement forward-thinking digital strategies for our dealers.”

For many dealers, the task of online content creation can be difficult to manage, especially while running a business and interacting with customers in person.

“As a company, we wanted to help our dealer partners social media efforts,” Cruz said. “When it comes to creating content, there are several different styles and techniques. We focus on creating the most engaging content that will help expand your reach and speaks to your audience. This includes lifestyle photos, product videos and tech tips.”

HISUN Connect is focused on three key elements that drive effective social media interactions:

  • Connect: Social media channels give you an opportunity to tell a story about your dealership and the brands you represent before a customer ever steps foot into your showroom.
  • Audience: Identifying who will see your social media posts and the tactics needed to reach them is a major factor in how your message will be received.
  • Content: When it comes to creating content, there are several different styles and techniques to create the most engaging content that will help expand your reach and talk to your audience.

“We have transformed data into useful information, and we want our dealer partners to be able to leverage that information. This is also a resource that will help free up some time and allow dealers to focus on what they know best: moving metal.”

One of the ways that HISUN dealers can begin making a stronger connection through social media is by highlighting current promotions that have been established so far in 2020, like the lowering of MSRP for HISUN vehicles.

“HISUN is family owned. Most of our customer are families. Most of our dealers are family-owned businesses and it is important that we offer a full line of vehicles that fit within a family price point,” Cruz said. “Our goal is to be able to accommodate a family friendly budget while also being able to maintain dealer margins and, in most cases, increase the dealer margin on 2020 models.”

Through social media, dealerships are able to reach both new and old customers, and with the help of your OEM, you are able to leverage that data to produce more door swings and ultimately, more sales.

For more information about HISUN Motors and HISUN Connect, visit

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