Diagnostic Procedures for Harley-Davidson Brake Systems

The use of a diagnostic tool is fundamental for the correct bleeding of Harley-Davidson brake systems with an integrated ABS pump to ensure all air is out of the system.

Harley-Davidson has been mounting Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) for about 10 years. The standard service, according to company specifications, require brake fluid replacement. Handlebar replacements or other customizations where it is necessary to disconnect the brake lines will need a brake bleeding procedure as well.

The use of a diagnostic tool is fundamental for the correct bleeding of Harley-Davidson brake systems with an integrated ABS pump to ensure all air is out of the system.

A scan tool allows technicians to control the opening of the bleeder valves in both the front and rear brakes in a predetermined sequence. Depending on the Harley model, the valve opening time may vary between 20 and 60 seconds.

According to Harley-Davidson, this diagnostic procedure allows a precise and modulated braking and a correct and linear brake lever resistance, where, at the end of each cycle, the operator has to check the resistance of the brake lever.

The diagnostic procedure is selective for front, rear or both brakes to be tested. You can decide where to execute the procedure according to your needs on the scan tool. The diagnostics can be performed quickly in only three simple steps. 

The use of a scan tool when bleeding Harley-Davidson brake systems is essential for a technician because of the complexity of ABS. After performing the brake bleed with a scan tool, you can assure your customers that their ABS will function according to factory specifications, giving them peace of mind that their motorcycle will brake safely and accurately. 

For more information about diagnostic tools, visit ANSEDdiagnostics.com. 

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