Destination Dealership: Southland Powersports

At the intersection of work and play.

While it might not look like it on first glance, Southland Powersports might be one of the best situated powersports dealerships in Tennessee. Located in the small town of Lexington with a population of only 8,000 people, it not only serve its small community but also the neighboring metropolitan areas. Lexington is only 30 miles east of Jackson and smack dab in the center of Nashville and Memphis — approximately an hour and 40 minutes east or west to each city.

So, with the small added drive, citizens of western Tennessee can have the comfort of a small-town dealership with a large selection and great deals. That’s why owner Jeremy McGee proudly states that Southland is one of West Tennessee’s premier outdoor powersports and equipment dealerships.

McGee started the business back in 2014 in a small building down the street from the company’s current location — and with no employees to boot; today, that dealership has grown into a sizeable operation with multiple employees and an extensive showroom of products for customers to choose from.

One of Southland’s featured brands that gets a lot of attention is CF Moto, a Chinese manufacturer of engines, motorcycles, ATVs, quadricycles, quads and yachts. Being a Chinese manufacturer, the ATVs, UTVs and street bikes old at Southland Powersports are priced lower than other big-name manufacturers. But that doesn’t mean the quality is lesser than other options.

Southland Powersports

It’s pretty simple: China has a concentrated supply chain and high efficiency. The materials and labor are all accessible in short reach, so it can manufacture products at a much quicker and more affordable rate than other countries. CF Moto also appears on many “Best Chinese Powersports Brands” lists in terms of reliability and price point among names like Hisun (which Southland also carries), Apollo and Linhai.

CF Moto CForce ATVs and ZForce UTVs are available in 400 to 1,000cc options to fit the needs of any customer big or small looking to tow, hill climb or tear up the trails. For two-wheeled riders, Southland also carries a number of CF Moto street and sport bikes to choose from. The high-quality bikes pack several features, such as sport-tuned suspension, slipper clutches, and anti-lock brakes (ABS) that rival the quality of comparable Japanese and European motorcycles while undercutting the price tags by around $1,000 to $2,000.

Southland Powersports

For workhorse types that want to rely on a good-ol’ American brand, Southland carries Intimidator side-by-sides (SxS). The company was founded fairly recently in 2013 but has made a name for itself in the off-road utility scene.

Intimidator’s top-of-the-line SxS, aptly named the Intimidator Truck 1000cc, boasts heavy-duty rails, roll cages, oversized A-arms, a steel skid plate, a push-button locking rear differential and heavy-duty disc brakes, among other features.

Southland Powersports

Southland allows carries a myriad of aftermarket accessories for ATVs and UTVs for customers to upgrade and accessorize their vehicles. Many of these parts come from 3 Star Industries, a manufacturer of premium windshields and enclosures for the side-by-side market.

“We have a great relationship with 3 Star and have been carrying their products for around four years now,” McGee explains. “They make an amazing product, and the fitment is second to none as well as the price point, so we have yet to be disappointed.”

“There’s a full selection of powersports machines and accessories, all the way down to the youth and all the way up to adults,” McGee says. “We take care of anybody’s powersports needs from equipment, parts, service and accessories.”

Southland Powersports

That mantra led McGee to incorporating the lawn and garden industry into his business as well. Southland Powersports also sells Cud Cadet, Bad Boy and Echo commercial lawn mowers as well as TYM tractors. This pairing allows for customers to invest in equipment for both work and play.

“We are a family-owned and -operated business with amazing employees. We treat people with respect, and when they walk in the door, we’re not just selling them something; we’re building relationships.”

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