DEI Flexible Heat Shields Add Maximum Protection

Rated to handle heat up to 1,350°F, DEI Flexible Heat Shields are the solution for any auto, marine or powersports application where heat protection is needed.

Using a combination of advanced textiles and an innovative stand-off bracket design to dissipate heat, DEI Flexible Heat Shields, now available in three finishes, provide maximum cooling and protection against extreme heat. Excessive heat has been proven to damage to brake lines, transmissions, hoses and electrical wiring causing expensive repairs.

Rated to handle heat up to 1,350°F, DEI Flexible Heat Shields are the solution for any auto, marine or powersports application where heat protection is needed; especially motorcycle exhaust pipes to protect against burns. Other uses include protecting gas tanks, body panels, bumpers and more.

Previously available with either an outer trim ring in Brushed Stainless or Brushed ONYX finish, DEI now offers this popular shield in an ONYX Double Black that features a smart looking Black Cerakote trim finish. All three finish options are also available in multiple sizes: 3.5 in. x 6 in. and 4 in. X 8 in.

Each shield is constructed with two durable materials formed into a dual-layer design. The outer layer is a heat-treated glass fiber with molten aluminum that is formed into a tight weave for durability and strength or in a Titanium material. The inside material is a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89 percent silica) proven to withstand extreme heat. The outer edge features a surge stitch and all hardware is stainless steel.

All of DEI’s Flexible Heat Shields feature an innovative pipe stand-off formed with two 3.5 in. clamps. This design creates an air gap for additional cooling and heat dispersion. The clamp-on, no-drill design makes installation easy.

Link: Design Engineering

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