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Rick Fairless

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Deadbeats, Shovelheads & The Judge

Dear Ma,

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I hope you’re doing well up there in Heaven, we are OK down here in Dallas.

Things are heating up and I mean more than the temperature! We have a couple of new, ground up custom bike builds to start as soon as we finish up the ones we’re working on now. We are working hard to finish up a Shovelhead that we have to deliver in Sturgis. It’ll be done and it’ll be pretty dang cool in my book! I LOVE the OLD stuff. When I say old, Ma, I don’t mean the real old stuff like pre-war, I mean old like 1950s, 60s and 70s. That’s the stuff that I grew up with & still the bikes & cars that I dig today! 


We are almost done with the 1969 GTO Judge that we have been working on for two years. Actually, we waited for eight months for the custom chassis and then we waited six months for the custom dash and console to be made. This is one bad ass GTO Judge. It’s a complete Resto-mod! I mean, every nut and bolt on this car is NEW! We basically built a car from scratch using only the body of the 1969 GTO Judge. She rides and drives like a new sports car and I dig it! I would love to take it to the track for a day or two. We are very proud of this car and I know the owner of the car will be proud of it as well.


I gotta tell ya Ma, it’s really hard to get employees because of the ridiculous government unemployment payouts, AKA “government cheese!” Many businesses are hurting because of a lack of employees. I was in a restaurant the other day and they had a sign on the front door saying to expect slow service because of a lack of cooks and wait staff. That makes me sick. There are many able bodied “deadbeats” sitting on the couch collecting the state and federal unemployment because they enjoy getting paid to do nothing. Eventually, that money is going to run out and these “deadbeats” will be looking for a job. I say, don’t look here! I’m not interested in hiring somebody that is capable of working and yet they choose unemployment because they are too lazy to work. If somebody really needs unemployment, then heck yes, pay those people! But if you’re capable of working and you choose not to work and you choose to sit on the couch, watching the Addams Family, don’t come looking for a job with any of my companies when your government cheese runs dry! I got nothing for you here!


I guess that was kind of a rant Ma, sorry about that. I just can’t help it, this is hurting our country, not to mention, all this “free money” is not actually free, it is all gonna have to be repaid by us tax payers at some point soon.

We are getting ready for Sturgis. This will be my 35th trip to the Black Hills for the Sturgis Rally and as always, I’m super excited! There’s something about them Black Hills that’s magical, even if there was no rally, I feel drawn to them hills. Lots of my pals in the motorcycle industry have relocated to the Black Hills, the allure is that strong. But, I’ll just have to settle for my yearly trip up there because I’ll never move away from my hometown of Irving, Texas! I’ve lived in Irving all of my 64 years and so has my wife, so I reckon we’ll stay put!


Anyway Ma, I’ve got to go for now, I’m going to go ride my Shovelhead Alice for an hour or two. It’s been a tough week so I need to catch some wind therapy before I lose what little sense I have left!

Love ya, Momma!

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