Dayco's newest carbon hybrid cord belt delivers extreme grip, power and acceleration year-round to powersports enthusiasts.

Dayco has introduced the most highly anticipated carbon fiber belt designed for heavily modified UTVs, side-by-sides (SxS) and snowmobiles: Dayco POWER CTX. 

The latest addition to Dayco’s powersports belt line, CTX, is proven to outperform and outlast original equipment belts. The belt’s design integrates a patented carbon hybrid cord for maximum strength and adhesion to the HNBR compound for the prevention of cord pop-out failures as well as the highest level of aramid reinforced HNBR rubber for maximum lateral rigidity and higher temperature resistance. Specifically developed for extreme sport use, CTX can withstand the higher torque and heavier loads associated with highly modified engines and provides aggressive riders with the best in grip, power, braking and acceleration. 

“As a powersports enthusiast for many years now, I’m out on the hills, trails, mud and snow year-round, along with a few other diehard members of Dayco’s product team, almost every weekend as part of a huge community of riders that love to talk horsepower and belts. Every chance we get, we ask what’s working and what’s not for them in terms of belt performance,” said Jon Crawford, powersports product manager, Dayco North American Aftermarket. “We learned very quickly that enthusiasts that make extensive vehicle modifications were looking for a much more durable belt that could handle high-performance engines. Understanding this, the Dayco team immediately went to work to develop an extreme-performance belt now known as the Dayco POWER CTX belt.” 

The Dayco POWER full line of powersports belts includes more than 200 SKUs based on engine size, horsepower range, modifications and riding level. From leisure trail riding to extreme sports and racing, the Dayco POWER lineup includes these five belts:

  • Dayco POWER CTX: Designed for heavily modified UTVs, SxSes and snowmobiles with over 800cc engines
  • Dayco POWER XTX: For higher performing applications with up to 120 horsepower, moderate upgrades and engines up to 800cc
  • Dayco POWER HPX: Engineered for UTVs, ATVs and snowmobiles with mid-to-high horsepower engines between 350cc and 600cc with minimal upgrades/modifications
  • Dayco POWER HP: Designed for low- to mid-range horsepower vehicles up to 350cc, including ATVs, golf carts and snowmobiles with stock engines and no modifications
  • Dayco POWER Racing RPX: Engineered to provide maximum performance under the most extreme snowcross racing conditions.

For more information about the Dayco POWER line or to access the full catalog, visit Dayco’s featured product page online.

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