Cycle Trader: Virtual Resources Educate Buyers Through Digital Retailing Process

In response to the influx of individuals wanting to ride and getting involved in the motorcycling industry, Cycle Trader created a hub of digital resources to educate potential buyers through the virtual retailing process.

In response to the influx of individuals wanting to ride and getting involved in the motorcycling industry, Cycle Trader created a hub of digital resources to educate potential buyers through the virtual retailing process. These exclusive resources, accessible to everyone, include a detailed buying guide, a cheat-sheet, an on-demand webinar, videos, an upcoming Facebook live Q&A and more.

“We started to see the need where so many new people were coming into the industry, and we had so much data and information at our fingertips, we were able to create a digital campaign with resources for consumers to help them go through the buying process,” said Paige Bouma, EVP of Cycle Trader.

Cycle Trader reported changes in buying habits prior to the pandemic in early 2020, noting that three out of four buyers were already conducting in-depth online research before reaching out to a seller. Simon Heseltine, Vice President of Audience Growth at Cycle Trader said that Cycle Trader website traffic was up 26% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Bouma added, “We have seen so much more when it comes to engaging with the dealers or the sellers. You’re seeing people engage earlier; they’re asking more questions than they ever have. The biggest shift is that in the past, a lot of people would say, ‘I’m thinking about buying a motorcycle. It’s Saturday, let’s go to the local dealership and walk around and ask questions.’ Now, we’re seeing people start earlier in the research phase and going into much more detail prior to ever walking into a dealership. They’re engaging more in social media apps and talking with friends before going out and buying something.”

Cycle Trader has worked closely with dealers to emphasize the importance of the new digital buying landscape for consumers.

“It is always hard to make changes,” Bouma explained. “I have spoken to dealers about the importance of having a strong, robust online presence. You need to have good descriptions, you need to have photos and videos, you need to be presenting your dealership to differentiate yourself from other dealers. I think with COVID, it forced dealers to get out of their comfort zone and to adapt to this new world because we are looking at things differently, and that’s a positive thing.”

Along with dealers adapting to the new purchasing landscape, seasoned motorcycle owners can find value in Cycle Trader’s resources just as much as new riders.

“These resources aren’t just for new buyers,” Bouma said. “You might have bought a bike five years ago, but now the buying process is slightly different than it was when you bought your last bike. Consumers now are looking for more direction when they’re looking to buy.”

On demand on Cycle Trader’s website is a webinar hosted by Phillip Billups, motorcycle enthusiast and Vice President of Dealer Products & Value at Cycle Trader. Billups discusses everything a consumer needs to know about buying motorcycles in a virtual world, including building a wish list, budgeting, doing research, choosing the right motorcycle and more. As a follow-up to the information discussed in the webinar, Billups will answer questions on Facebook live on March 17, at 2 p.m. ET.

“The webinar and Facebook live are both focused around what we are seeing as we run one of the largest marketplaces for buying and selling motorcycles, and Phillip’s own personal experience as a buyer.”

Cycle Trader also included a Buyer’s Guide, which highlights everything a consumer might want to know before purchasing a motorcycle.

“The motorcycle Buyer’s Guide includes detailed recommendations from all of the steps somebody needs to take, all the way from what to look for, and tricks of the trade that a buyer should follow when choosing their next motorcycle,” Bouma said. “I think there are so many people out there who are new and not really sure what questions to ask or what to look for. Let us help and guide you through that process.”

To learn more about Cycle Trader’s virtual buying resources, visit https://www.cycletrader.com/blog/campaign/virtualbuying/.

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