Custom Yamaha WRX250 Supermoto

This Yamaha is both Harlan Krueger's wheelie machine and grocery getter. Check out the details of this custom WRX250 Supermoto!

Harley-Davidsons might be the norm in Milwaukee, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see something a little out of the ordinary there either. Harlan Krueger’s Yamaha stood out from the crowd at Mama Tried 2022, one of few bikes that wasn’t a flat tracker, hill climber, chopper, or bar hopper.

Instead, Krueger brought his custom stunt bike, a 2009 Yamaha WRX250. He says the WRX250 is a chosen weapon for folks who are just starting out in the stunt world.

“The Supermoto scene in Milwaukee has grown,” he says. “It’s crazy — just in the past three years it’s probably doubled in the younger age group. It’s a growing scene.”

Krueger’s done some minor engine work to it, but left it mainly stock to utilize the 250cc motor that works well for his escapades. Popping a wheelie is a sure-fire way to make a statement, but the bright colors and cosmetic upgrades also help to catch people’s eyes.

Essentially every piece of the motorcycle has undergone a two-stage powder paint coating by Moto-Fied Cycles, giving it a contrasting purple and orange livery. It also features custom, one-off wheels and a full steel stunt sub-frame by Flat Out Fab.

Krueger even added an extra hand break under the clutch, so he can still control the bike while doing tricks. When he’s not testing the limits of the stunt bike, he’s using it to get groceries or other daily activities.

“This is actually a big part of my life,” he says. “I’ve created a big friend group from this and I always love getting the opportunity to talk about it.”

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