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Custom 2020 Ducati Monster 1200

Building custom motorcycles is a blast. However, being able to giveaway your custom builds once they’re done is an even better feeling – especially around the holidays. Just ask Jaret Campisi, Dado Rados and Christina Khalil. The trio make up Campisi Customs, a custom motorcycle garage that showcases every step of its motorcycle builds on its YouTube channel led by Jaret himself.

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Initially based in Pennsylvania, then California, and now Pennsylvania again, Jaret Campisi’s YouTube channel has nearly 500,000 subscribers, and he’s now built 10 custom bikes over the years with the help of his pal Dado and girlfriend Christina. Those builds include Ducati’s Xdiavel, Streetfighter and Panigale V4, among others.

The most recent build to enter the garage was a 2020 Ducati Monster 1200 that the channel just finished and gave away to a member of their Patreon community.

custom-built and painted gas tank

The Ducati Monster 1200 started as a stock, 2020 model, weighing 475 lbs. and capable of 133 horsepower.

“The Monster, in the 1200 platform, is done,” Jaret Campisi told his YouTube viewers. “Ducati isn’t making more. When they do make a new Monster, it’s not going to look like this anymore. No more trellis frame and a different exhaust. Ducati has already started to make EV motorcycles, so the rawness and being able to see the pipes like you can on the Monster 1200 is going to be a thing of the past.”

carbon fiber BST Rapid TEK wheels

For this Monster 1200 build, Campisi partnered with Motomillion, an online motorcycle boutique, to get all his specialty parts for the bike. The idea behind the Monster 1200 build was to make it as light and as powerful as possible. To do so, Campisi and his team began by replacing the stock exhaust with an SC-Project exhaust system, which immediately shaved 15-20 lbs. from the bike. They also opted to replace the stock wheels with BST Rapid TEK carbon fiber wheels, which removed 10 lbs. of rotational mass.

They updated the drivetrain with a 520 conversion kit for superlight front and rear sprockets, which shaved 2.5 lbs. from the bike’s total weight. Removing the stock bike’s plastic parts and replacing them with carbon fiber also helped save weight, as did several other updates such as new rearsets, a blacked-out Rizoma handlebar setup, a Tail Tidy kit, and a turn signal delete.

SC-Project exhaust system

Campisi didn’t change the stock battery, but at one point was considering a lithium battery, which would have saved an additional 5 lbs. As it is, the Monster 1200 went from 475 lbs. down to just 409 lbs. – including full fluids – for a total weight savings of 66 lbs. Campisi says it was little things here and there that went a really long way.

Other aspects of the build included a Sprint filter, a Termignoni T800 UpMap, a custom-built fuel tank with a full-gloss clear coat, a Ducabike wet clutch clear cover, a blacked-out headlight cover, Ducabike MotoGP-style buttons, an Ohlins steering damper, and a custom seat cover.

In its new, custom form, this Ducati Monster 1200 is a $50,000 motorcycle, according to Campisi. Clearly, it got outfitted with a bunch of quality components, which saved 66 lbs. of weight and gave the bike more than 20 additional horsepower – from 133 hp in stock form to 156 hp at the wheel.

All said and done, this is now one of the lightest and fastest street-legal Ducati Monster 1200s in the world.

“I’ve always thought the Monster was cool, but I didn’t think I was going to fall in love with this bike as much as I have,” Campisi says. “I think it’s in my top three most fun bikes of all time. It’s just pure fun. It’s so nimble. It’s so raw. It’s comfortable, and it looks really, really cool with all the customization.”

The bike was given away to one lucky member of Jaret Campisi’s Patreon community. Using Google’s random number generator, more than 21,000 people entered to win the custom Ducati, which ultimately went to a patron named Mike from NC.

If you want to see the next motorcycle that Jaret, Christina and Dado customize, check out the YouTube channel.

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