Apparel Pro: Textile Street Apparel

The evolution of the motorcycle jacket over the last 100+ years has been fascinating. From leather jackets that originated from other industries like aviation to the advent of man-made super fabrics, armor and waterproofing.

Crashing The Party!

Answer Racing made moto headlines around the globe when they signed eight-time MXGP world champion Antonio Cairoli to wear the gear as he battled for the 2017 title… but that was just the beginning of things.

Neglected 4-stroke Bottom Ends

1. Œ We are now well into our second decade of high performance 4-stroke motocross bikes and their derivatives. Most folks have become accustomed to the maintenance-needy valve train components and small oil change intervals. The titanium valves cost an arm and a leg and the short skirt pistons don’t endure for long. That is

Financing as Part of the Sales Cycle

Traditional dealership sales process excludes the financing from the sales cycle and treats the financing as a separate process after closing the deal. The sales process steps include understanding the wants and needs of the customer, showing the units that match those needs and wants as closely as possible, identifying the desired vehicle, negotiating on

Beyond Boomers: What Are the Kids Riding?

I recently read an article on Motorcycledaily.com about “Why don’t we see more Japanese Retro Bikes?” If you read the comments section, you can see why. Everyone has a different idea as to what “Retro” looks like, and it’s going to be almost impossible to satisfy all of the people like the ones in the comments section.

Red Dirt, Swamp Coolers and Mad Dog 20/20

Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I hope y’all are doing well up there in Heaven and keeping an eye on us poor slobs down here on Earth. I still try to go visit Sayre, Oklahoma, and our remaining kinfolks about once a year. I always bring y’all some pretty flowers when I come up, Grandma. I

Harley-Davidson Makes the Dyna Irrelevant

After 25 years in the lineup, Harley shocked their dealers with the news that the Dyna was done. Ditto for the V-Rod after its 16-year production cycle.

Flying Tiger Motorcycles, St. Louis

Planning is Overrated Some businesses follow a well-defined, meticulously detailed plan, taking measured steps that lead to expected goals. Flying Tiger Motorcycles in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood, isn’t one of them. But success has followed anyway and that’s impressive for an independent motorcycle shop born on a whim in 2010 and sustained on

Just My Perspective

My first motorcycle industry trade show experience was in February 1979 at the Dealer Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most of you have heard the story how I headed out to Cincy with a 10’x10’ display full of nothing but bungee cords. The Cincinnati Dealer Expo was the show back then! I was thrilled to be

Powersport Engine Rebuilding

If you do a good job for your customers you will build a local customer base and get referrals. You’ll have another revenue stream, and you’ll have loyal customers.

Can You Hear Me Now? Selling Communications Systems Takes Patience

Riding motorcycles for the most part is a solitary endeavor. But more and more, riders are breaking the silence with new technologies available.

Evolution of a Customer: High On ‘Game-I-Fiction’

People literally get “high” on games. Endorphins flow into the brain when you complete or win a silly game whether it comes free on your smartphone or involves $100 million in the lotto. Digital, video, casino, computer, TV – games are everywhere. Warcraft and Call of Duty sales surpass book sales around the globe. I