Winners and Losers: ‘Which One Will You be Today’

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of my favorite songs by Social Distortion, which is one of my favorite bands, is called Winners and Losers. In it they sing, “Which one will you be today.” We all have a choice of what we’re going to do when we wake up each day. We’re not locked into the same old trap

Chris ‘Short’ Blankenship’s Memory Races On

Final Ride On Earth But Still Riding Hard In Heaven [dropcap]A[/dropcap]lthough August marked the 1-year anniversary of Chris Blankenship’s passing, his memory rides on!  From local kids tuning up for Loretta Lynns to top level pros like his buddy Kevin Windham, Chris “Short” Blankenship touched many in the motocross community before his untimely passing in

Toe-in Adjustment Tech Tip

Adjusting the direction of the front wheels is one of the most basic services for ATVs [dropcap]A[/dropcap]TVs and side-by-sides live hard lives crawling over rocks, hauling loads, and crossing trails no other man-made vehicle would dare. One of the most basic services these vehicles call for is the adjustment of the toe-in of the front

Response Time is Key to Managing this New Daily Business Challenge

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere’s a Murphy’s Law scenario that happens occasionally at our dealerships. Somebody calls in sick on a day that ends up being one of the busiest in the entire month. As a result, for stretches of time you have a customer backup at the parts counter and probably also in the service department. Let’s say

MALCOLM: Motorcycling Legend Tells All At AIMExpo

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are some truly iconic images that define motorcycling. The little woodshed where Harley-Davidson was launched back in 1903 resonates with the V-twin crowd; the shot of Rollie Free stretched flat-out on his Vincent on the Bonneville Salt Flats wearing little more than his underwear rings true for speed demons to this day; Marlon Brando

This ‘Mom & Pop’ Shop is the Biggest Scooter Dealer in Florida

Solano Cycle [dropcap]E[/dropcap]laine Haines was on a trip to Key West, Fla. and witnessed first-hand its prolific scooter culture. Returning home to Northeast Florida, she then imagined the possibilities of such a business in the historic town of St. Augustine, Fla. Her son, Martin Solano, was at a crossroads in his career and was ripe

Houser Racing

The The story behind the story about Houser Racing is it’s more than just a company that produces high-quality aftermarket parts for ATVs and UTVs. Houser’s success has been the result of an entire family coming together and chipping in wherever needed, alongside employees to make the best products possible, and working tirelessly to reach

August Average Wholesale Pricing in Review

Metric cruisers and MX Segments struggle Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) softened further in August. Street categories declined from both the prior 3-month and prior year averages, while off-road categories declined from the prior 3-months and held roughly flat from last year. Domestic cruiser pricing declined 7% from the prior 3-month average, but is generally following

Why Employees Continue To Quit?

BREAKING OUT OF THE CIRCLE (OF NEGATIVITY) [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he powersports industry talent pool ain’t what it used to be, eh? The younger generations can’t keep pace with the Greatest Generation’s work ethic. Minimum wage rate hikes are killing your profits and forcing you to pay more for less qualified help. Employee turnover is at an all-time

Printing All The News That Fits!

Heads up! Schuberth North America has signed a slew of new players. Three regional sales managers, an inside sales rep and a digital marketing specialist join the team to better service its growing dealer network. “Adding team members that exclusively represent Schuberth and Held products will be an advantage to our dealers,” says National Sales

Save the Manuals: Dual Clutch Transmissions Coming

Will Honda’s AFrica Twin With DCT breakthrough in North America? [dropcap]I[/dropcap] see that Honda is once again experimenting with Social Engineering. I’m referring, of course, to the new Africa Twin with DCT. From my experience in the past, DCT has not been a sales success, certainly not in North America. Yamaha has tried it with

Suzuki’s Milestone: Celebrating ‘Three Decades Of GSX-R Dominance’ At Indy

At Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past August, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. honored the GSX-R, one of history’s most significant motorcycle models. Suzuki unveiled a pair of 2016 Commemorative Edition GSX-R1000s that honor 30 years of GSX-R dominance. Hosted by Ralph Sheheen, the voice of motorcycle racing on Fox Sports, the guest list included Kevin