Motorcycles and Powersports October Data

The changes in the powersports market this month are very similar to what we saw in September, so we are going to sound a bit like a broken record, for those of you old enough to remember a time before CDs and iPods.

End of Summer Adjustments

Year over year Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP) for July 2014 vs. 2013 continued to see softer prices for all on-highway categories, with cruisers down around two percent. The decline in sport bikes was the largest at eight percent and appears to be due to more inventory available this year vs. last, as well as the

Midwest Dealer Breathes New Life into Used Motorcycles

iMotorsports, Inc. is looking to set new trends

Kevin Schwantz: Show Champion

“Whatever Kenny [Roberts] did, I’m going to do it better!” laughs motorcycle road racing legend Kevin Schwantz when we asked what he thought he’d be doing for the AIMExpo as its “Show Champion.” Spoken like someone who still has the competitive fire burning after an illustrious professional racing career that he retired from almost two

Ace Cafe Orlando: The British Are Coming — Again

Ever wonder what it would have been like if rock and roll had never gone farther than a certain radio station in Cleveland where the term was coined? While the Ace Cafe in London was originally just a roadside diner, it has cemented its place in history as the foundation of the “ton up boys,”

Get Fall Unit Inventory in Shape

Understand your dealership’s “like model” inventory options

July 2014 F&I Department Performance

This article contains actual numbers obtained from our 20-group data reporting and analysis system. 20-groups consist of dealers from non-competing markets who meet three times a year to share financial and best practice information. Their goal is to grow and improve their businesses profitably.    As you can see from the Total Store stats, sales

Engine Decompression Systems

The decompressor system reduces cylinder compression at low rpm for easy starting. Decompressor systems are often used with single cylinder four-stroke engines, but manufacturers sometimes utilize these benefits on other engine configurations including V-twins. The compression is reduced by momentarily opening an exhaust valve on the compression stroke of the piston to partially vent the

Sales and Finance: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Most of the time, there is at least a little friction between sales and finance. Having been on both sides of this relationship, I understand that neither side is in the right or wrong. Sales and finance share the responsibility of getting as many bikes, ATVs, side-by-sides and other products as they can out the

Harley Unveils Customer Inspired 2015 Lineup

Harley continues to push the boundaries with the rollout of its 2015 model lineup. With the global launch of the Street 750 and Street 500 motorcycles and the electric buzz of Project LiveWire, Harley has unveiled a diverse lineup of motorcycles that have been inspired by customer-led innovation via Project Rushmore.   “The broad 2015

Energica EGO

Made In Italy, Shocking The World!

Doin’ the ‘Stray Cat Strut’ to Orlando

ion of the show. We are proud to be part of AIMExpo once again, as we believe it is the single most important event of the year for dealers in terms of the educational and networking opportunities. Many in the industry were surprised and encouraged by the turnout last year, and this year promises to